Barlume Candleholder and Vases

Barlume, designed by Filippo Castellani for Incipit, is a set of one candleholder and two vases inspired by the most classic and iconic object of Italian tables and osterias.  These stylised bottles are made from glass and come in a contrast combination of metal finishes and delicate transparent colours ranging from grey to light blue and fuchsia.  The colours are applied using the ancient lustre varnish technique of the Venetian glassmakers.  A minimal yet precious decoration perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. 

Italian designer Filippo Castellani was born in 1983 and graduated in 2010 in Industrial Design at the Università degli Studi di Firenze.  He moved to London where he works as a product and industrial designer developing personal projects and collaborating with international companies.

Incipit (the beginning in Latin) is a Milan-based interiors accessories brand and creative lab whose aim is to nurture young talent.  It is a platform for young designers to test their ideas with more experienced professionals and to make them real through the involvement of local producers.  Every Incipit item is made by Italian factories and artisans who actively collaborate with designers to find the best possible solutions, maintaining the "Made in Italy" spirit of excellence.

  • Designed by Filippo Castellani
  • Material: Blown borosilicate glass, lustre painted and fired at 400°C
  • Sold as a set of three: 2 vases (high and low) and 1 candleholder (medium)
  • Available in 6 finishes: Grey, Light Blue, Fuchsia, Brass, Chrome and Copper
  • Candle socket diameter 20 mm
  • Dimensions: High W 8.5 × D 8.5 × H 24.5 cm, Low W 9 × D 9 × H 16.5 cm, Candlestick W 9.5 × W 9.5 × H 22 cm
  • Cleaning Instructions: Clean away wax drips when they have cooled, carefully removing them without using sponges or abrasive cloths, washing with very warm water. Not dishwasher safe. Do not allow the candle to burn down to the base. For different candle diameters adapt them to the socket
  • Made in Italy
  • Delivery: 1 - 2 weeks

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