Kanarie Club by Studio Modijefsky Interiors

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Kanarie Club by Studio Modijefsky Interiors

Restaurant design specialist Studio Modijefsky has created a funky restaurant in a former tram depot in Amsterdam that combines industrial chic with delightfully quirky features.

Located in the Oud West area of Amsterdam, the Kanarie Club was at various times a tram depot, a transportation museum and a derelict wreck where squatters once created a pool with rainwater.  The team at Modijefsky Interiors took inspiration from the building's history and created eye-catching features including a giant arch made of old tram rails over the bar, benches inspired by tram seating and a mezzanine pool lounge, where guests can sit inside a waterless pool and toast the creative genius of the squatters all those years ago.

The industrial heritage of the building is showcased and celebrated, hence the polished concrete floor with the original rails still intact (careful if you are wearing heels).  The old paint shop is now a raised platform with a long work desk, all painted green and overlooked by a playful ceiling light inspired again by tram rails.

Cool, fun and whimsical, the Kanarie Club shows what great design can do: create atmosphere which elevates a meal with a few drinks into a truly inspirational experience.

Kanarie Club by Studio Modijefsky Interiors
Kanarie Club by Studio Modijefsky Interiors
Kanarie Club by Studio Modijefsky Interiors
Kanarie Club by Studio Modijefsky Interiors


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Kanarie Club

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