Heisenberg Objekts by Fabian Oefner

May 10, 2021

Sliced and Diced

Heisenberg Objekts by Fabian Oefner

Connecticut-based artist Fabian Oefner is preoccupied with the boundary between space, time and reality. He is also in possession of a very sharp cutting device, which he uses to slice everyday objects into bits and pieces. These are then set in clear resin to create sculptures which show "explosive" views of their inner workings.

Oefner's dismembered objects range from a flight recorder and a Leica camera to a Seiko alarm clock and a Nike shoe - all reduced to perfectly preserved fragments which offer new perspectives, concealing as much as they reveal.

These sculptures are inspired by and named after Werner Heisenberg, the Nobel prize winning physicist best known for the Uncertainty Principle. Translated very loosely, this suggests that you can understand an object by measuring one parameter at a time, but not multiple parameters simultaneously. These beautiful and intriguing sculptures are indeed graphic reminders of the challenge in understanding the big picture and small details at the same time.

Heisenberg Objekts by Fabian Oefner Heisenberg Objekts by Fabian Oefner Heisenberg Objekts by Fabian Oefner Heisenberg Objekts by Fabian Oefner Heisenberg Objekts by Fabian Oefner Heisenberg Objekts by Fabian Oefner



Studio Oefner


Product Inspiration

Create a quirky and artistic space with the Forest sofa from Scarlet Splendour, the Esgrimas console from Agrippa and the Getlucky armchair from Moroso.

Forest Sofa Green - Forest Collection - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop   Esgrimas Console - Agrippa - Do Shop  Getlucky Armchair - Moroso - Do Shop


For unusual and inspiring lighting try the Balance table lamp from Oblure, the Luci d'Oro chandelier from Catellani & Smith and the Wink wall lamp from Houtique.

Balance Table Lamp - Oblure - Do Shop   Luci d’Oro Gold Moon Chandelier - Catellani & Smith - Do Sbop   Wink Wall Lamp - Houtique - Do Shop


Create a quirky and artistic centrepiece with the Sticks flower pot from Ghidini 1961, the Offset vase from 101 Copenhagen and the Concrete Pipeline stem vase from Lyon Beton.

Sticks Flower Pot - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop   Offset Vase - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop   Concrete Pipeline Stem Vase - Small - Lyon Beton - Do Shop

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