Gita by Piaggio Fast Forward

February 17, 2017

Gita Move On!

Gita by Piaggio Fast Forward

It's not an exaggeration to say that Piaggio, the creator of the Vespa scooter, changed the concept of mobility. It hopes to do the same again with Gita, the first product from Piaggio Fast Forward, the experimental development arm of Piaggio.

Gita is a smart cargo carrier which looks a bit like a decapitated BB-8 from Star Wars. Essentially a large storage box with giant wheels on either side, the Gita moves around using self-balancing technology similar to the Segway combined with intelligent self-navigating features not unlike the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot.

The Gita can be set to follow you around like a faithful Saint Bernard (but with much larger carrying capacity), or it can be programmed to follow pre-set routes, such as between different areas of an office. It is engineered with the safety and performance features you would expect from Piaggio as well as the smart navigation capabilities which enable it to avoid obstacles and to "learn" the best routes.

The vision behind Gita is to develop mobility solutions to free up humans from the chore of carrying stuff around, although we imagine it is equally useful as a tool to scare the cat.

Gita by Piaggio Fast ForwardGita by Piaggio Fast ForwardGita by Piaggio Fast ForwardGita by Piaggio Fast ForwardGita by Piaggio Fast Forward


Piaggio Fast Forward

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