Gerken Residence by Young Projects

March 16, 2017


Gerken Residence by Young Projects

Lofts with vast roof gardens in the heart of New York's Tribeca are as rare as hen's teeth, so when architects Young Projects were called upon to design one such gem they made the most of the site and created a masterpiece of light and space.

The 6,000 square feet loft has two floors linked by a void which appears as a double-height living space on the lower floor, a floating courtyard garden on the upper floor with a spiral staircase leading to the 1,500 square feet roof garden.  This core is covered by plaster panels which resembles the folds of a flowing curtain, a design echoed in the metallic prism of the room divider between the main living and dining rooms.

The decor is kept simple with a soothing monochrome colour palette, light wood floor boards and slick, minimalist finishes.  This is a super contemporary oasis in the heart of the city which showcases the most valuable commodity of all: light and space.

Gerken Residence by Young ProjectsGerken Residence by Young ProjectsGerken Residence by Young ProjectsGerken Residence by Young ProjectsGerken Residence by Young ProjectsGerken Residence by Young Projects


Young Projects

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Product Inspiration

When you have the luxury of living in such impressive light and space, keep the furniture super slick and restrained.  Try the Helsinki table from Desalto, teamed with the Kuskoa chair from Alki.  For a sleek and impactful room divider, try the Longlegs shelves from Frederik Roije.

Helsinki Table - Natural Oak Top    Kuskoa - Chair   Longlegs Five Tables


A sculptural yet restrained pendant such as the I.Rain OLED suspension light from Blackbody would look great in the double-height void.  For a more flamboyant look with a touch of industrial style try the Multilamp suspension light from Seletti.  The Kizu table lamp from New Works is great for a spot of low level lighting. 

  I.Rain 61 - Suspension OLED Light (BB 45.61)  Multilamp Ring Hanging Metal Lamp - 12 Lamps   Kizu Table Lamp


Sleek, minimalist accessories wth a dash of luxury would look great in this space.  The T-Square wall shelf from Coedition, Slide serving tray from Finell and the Axonometry Cube set from Ghidini 1961 are all great examples.

T-Square Wall Shelf - Oak   Slide Serving Tray   Axonometry Cube Set

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