Apartment by Lugerin Architects

September 05, 2016

Contemporary Cool

Apartment by Lugerin Architects

Putting together a sleek, minimalist interior design scheme without looking bland or clinical can be challenging.  This apartment by Lugerin Architects strikes a perfect balance between form and colour, creating a beautiful space that is serene and vibrant at the same time.

The structure of the apartment is kept simple with white walls and pale wood floors.  Different types of wood are used for the wall panels, kitchen cabinets and the balustrade of the staircase to add colour and texture.  The walls are similarly punctuated by splashes of graphic print in neutral colours, which create visual interest in a subtle way.

The sofas, armchairs and other furniture are in warm shades of blue, orange, green and dark grey, which complement the wood tones perfectly.  Sculptural suspension lights help to define the tall ceilings in the living area.  The apartment is full of clever touches, including the dividing frame with hanging plants, the cloud-themed child's room and the green patterned floor tiles of the main bathroom.

This is a great example of how inspired use of colour, pattern and texture can add interest and warmth to a sleek, minimalist space. 

Images via Home Designing.

Apartment by Lugerin ArchitectsApartment by Lugerin ArchitectsApartment by Lugerin Architects


Lugerin Architects

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Simple but sculptural furniture look great in contemporary, minimalist living spaces.  We love the chunky knit fabrics of the Gentry sofa from Moroso, the geometric simplicity of the Clay table from Desalto and the sleek lines of the Afteroom chair from Menu.


To add definition to tall ceilings try sculptural suspension lights such as the Anfora suspension light from LZF or perhaps a cluster of Skylight Tower suspension lights from Frederik Roije.  For sheer drama and effect go for the spectacular I.Rain suspension light from Blackbody.


Accessories in bold shapes and muted tones are perfect for slick, minimalist design schemes.  We like the striking shape of the Heirloom vase from Moustache and the industrial look of the Transmission candleholder from Diesel Living.  To add a touch of style to tabletops try the Slide serving tray from Finell.


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