A State of Transformation by Jesper Eriksson

Enlightening Transformation

A State of Transformation by Jesper Eriksson

Can something as mundane as switching a light on and off become a remarkable experience in itself?  Designer Jesper Eriksson certainly thinks so.  In a project titled "A State of Transformation" he constructed a series of lights with dramatically outsized handles for switches which invite users to touch and fondle.  The extra effort required to turn the lights on and off gives the users a satisfying sense of being in control, a wonderful reminder of the simple pleasure that touch and movement can bring.

Jesper Eriksson is a graduate of the Royal College of Art (MA Design Products) and A State of Transformation is part of his graduation project.

A State of Transformation by Jesper Eriksson


Jesper Eriksson

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Jesper Eriksson's lights are slick and delightfully inviting to use, not unlike the Softer Than Steel bench from Desalto and the Tablefields coffee table from Frederik Roije.


The JWDA concrete lamp from Menu features a tactile brass switch on a concrete base which looks great and is easy to use.  The petal-shaped shades of the Cape pendant light from Moustache can be turned to create different shapes and light effects.


We love the outsized handles of the Double O ice bucket from Ghidini 1961, beautifully made in cast brass.  Looking for fun interactive accessories?  The Desktructure desk tidy from Seletti is stylish, fun and very practical.