Indigo Jungle Studio by Marc&Co

Office Jungle 

Indigo Jungle Studio by Marc&Co

The architects at Marc&Co have designed a bijou studio nestled in a sub-tropical garden in Brisbane which shows how to combine the work environment with the great outdoors.

The design for this small office is inspired by the humble shack but this is no ordinary garden shed.  The building is based on an exposed self-bracing zig-zag frame, a simple and effective structure which also creates a sense of movement inside the space and supports windows with perfectly framed views of the garden outside.  The very tall ceiling helps with air circulation and makes the studio feel much more spacious than its 3 m by 8 m footprint would suggest.

The interior is painted white in cool contrast to the verdant greenery outside, the mosaic floor adding visual interest and providing a link between the two.  The exterior of the studio has a dark cladding with a zig-zag pattern which blends into the surrounding tropical environment well.  When the end wall of the building is open the studio feels almost like an outdoor space.  How anyone can concentrate on work in such an idyllic environment is a mystery.   

Indigo Jungle Studio by Marc&CoIndigo Jungle Studio by Marc&CoIndigo Jungle Studio by Marc&Co



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Product Inspiration

Sleek and sculptural shaped furniture would look wonderful in this jungle studio.  The Elements side table from Desalto would echo the zig-zag frame whilst the Bold chair in forest green from Moustache would add an organic touch in tune with the garden setting.


Such a light-filled space is unlikely to need much artificial lighting during the day, but these lantern-shaped Chou table and floor lights from LZF would look magical at night. 


The white wall and shelves provide a perfect backdrop to showcase accessories.  The Tip Top tray from Ghidini 1961 and the Pipework candlesticks from Nick Fraser would both look great.