Le Petit Palais, Courchevel 1850: up to EUR 200,000 (GBP 166,670) per Week

April 05, 2016

Palace on the Slopes

Le Petit Palais, Courchevel 1850: up to EUR 200,000 (GBP 166,670) per week

The ski season may be over but fun can still be had on the slopes, especially at a ski resort as exclusive as Courchevel 1850, in a chalet as palatial as the Petit Palais.  Afterall, with its own spa, private disco, 6 bedrooms, decor that oozes style and not to mention a staff of 7 to cater to your every whim, who needs to ski??

What the agent says: "If you seek the ultimate luxury ski chalet where every imaginable indulgence awaits you, then Chalet Le Petit Palais is your Nirvana.  A quick glance at the details is enough.  From the private nightclub, cinema room and spa to the team of dedicated staff to the exclusive location in Courchevel 1850.  Le Petit Palais has it all, and more.  Furthermore, it has been designed in the kind of faultlessly chic and cool contemporary manner that an international style icon would be proud of...

...But hold on a minute.  Don’t overlook the jaw-dropping facilities within your private palace, in your hurry to get out and about.  Spend a little time taking all six floors, from the delectable living area at the top, with separate TV room and mezzanine library, to the enormous, world-class spa in the basement.  Don’t miss the contemporary wood burners and works of art, skilfully placed amidst shades of charcoal and cyan, luxurious fabrics and lush finishes.  On another level of Chalet Le Petit Palais is your very own private bar, complete with dance floor, DJ mixing desk and nightclub light and sound system.  There’s no need to leave the confines of your own chalet when you are surrounded by such extravagance.  And we haven’t even mentioned the cinema room and the wine cellar yet.  There’s even a dedicated playroom so the children won’t feel left out.  The only problem is that every other chalet will pale in comparison.

What we love:
The chalet is so overladen with extravagant luxuries one fears it might set off an avalanche.  Flashy indulgences aside, the design scheme features a mix of natural wood wall panelling and ceilings with flashes of black softened with layers of neutrals.  This contemporary luxe chalet look works wonderfully well.

What we would do:
A few well chosen pieces of colourful, sculptural furniture and accessories would work wonders by adding a dash of character and personality. 

Le Petit Palais is available to rent from the Firefly Collection.

Le Petit Palais, Courchevel 1850: up to EUR 200,000 (GBP 166,670) per weekLe Petit Palais, Courchevel 1850: up to EUR 200,000 (GBP 166,670) per weekLe Petit Palais, Courchevel 1850: up to EUR 200,000 (GBP 166,670) per week



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Product Inspiration

Put together your own contemporary luxe look, starting with sofas and armchairs which look slick and inviting, such as the Gentry sofa from Moroso and the Chubby Chic armchair from Diesel Living.



A simple, sculptural yet colourful table light such as the Air from LZF would look great in this design scheme.  Alternatively a slick, understated metal light such as the Table Tower table light from Frederik Roije would also work well.


Accessories such as the Transmission candle holders from Diesel Living and the Slide serving tray from Finell would add a dash of slick style to perk up the space.


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