3D Printed Vases by Design Libero

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3D Printed Vases by Design Libero

The 3D printing revolution marches on with a clever design by Design Libero which transforms used PET bottles into beautiful vases.  The Italian design studio has designed 3 membrane-like sleeves with intricate details which can be cleverly screwed onto used plastic bottles, creating a sculptural "dress" over the silhouette of the bottle.

3D Printed Vases by Design Libero3D Printed Vases by Design Libero3D Printed Vases by Design Libero



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You can also achieve the beautiful lattice effect of the 3D printed vases from Design Libero with the Supernatural chair from Moroso and the Opus Incertum bookcase from Casamania.


LZF lights, such as the Link and Spiro, are made of natural wood veneers which have undergone a patented treatment to enable them to be manipulated into beautifully intricate shapes.


For accessories which look similar to the 3D-printed vases try the Metro Bowl from Frederik Roije and the Fish Design ring from Corsi.