Enignum Series of Furniture by Joseph Walsh

Beauty of Wood

Enignum Series of Furniture by Joseph Walsh

Few materials convey the beauty of nature as well as wood but it's only with designers like Joseph Walsh that you see its true potential for creative expression and poetic beauty.

In the Enignum series of furniture, the County-Cork based designer stripped ash wood into thin layers before manipulating them into highly evocative compositions which look almost otherworldly.  The resulting shelves, beds, tables and chairs blur the line between art and design, organic and inanimate; a beguiling blend of nature and man-made functional objects.

Enignum Series of Furniture by Joseph WalshEnignum Series of Furniture by Joseph WalshEnignum Series of Furniture by Joseph Walsh



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Product Inspiration

The Saski chair from Alki is made of natural wood strips bent and woven in a special technique inspired by basket weaving.  The Raphia armchair from Casamania uses time-honoured techniques to create a wicker and rattan chair with a modern touch.  These show how traditional craftsmanship and natural materials can be combined with modern designs to create great products.



LZF has a patented technique of treating natural wood veneers which enable them to be manipulated into stunning shapes with filter light through beautifully.  Check out, for example, the Link suspension and Anfora floor lights.



Sena Gu is a ceramicist who gets her inspirations from nature.  Her Tree vase and Big Bloom vase are both beautiful and evocative.  Great way to bring nature home.