Owl Creek Residence by Skylab Architecture

December 18, 2017


Owl Creek Residence by Skylab Architecture

When asked to design a vacation home at a beautiful location in the Rockies, the team at Skylab Architecture adopted the humble triangle as the key design feature to great effect.

Located at a sloping site overlooking a golf course, the house is shaped like an arrowhead with extensive windows on either side of the triangular point to frame the spectacular views.    An angular staircase with smoked glass balustrades leads to the kitchen and dining area on the mezzanine, which opens up to a triangular south-facing terrace with a bar as well as a triangular fire pit and seating area.

As you descend the staircase a light and airy double-height living space opens up, revealing the full glory of the stunning view.  The triangular theme continues with the dark metal support pillars and beams which echo the shape of the distant peaks.   On the lower level the wooden ceiling and floor panels are cleverly arranged in a chevron pattern, pointing towards the tip of the triangle where a triangular hot tub sits in the outdoor terrace.  We also like the twin circular flues over the sculptural marble kitchen counter and the rich rust colour of the external cladding.

This remarkable house is a great example of how straight lines and sharp angles can work in wonderful harmony with nature. 

Owl Creek Residence by Skylab ArchitectureOwl Creek Residence by Skylab ArchitectureOwl Creek Residence by Skylab ArchitectureOwl Creek Residence by Skylab ArchitectureOwl Creek Residence by Skylab Architecture


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Straight lines and sharp angles make for beautifully sculptural furniture, such as the Element table from Desalto, the Petite Gigue chair from Moustache and the Seatshell bar stool from Frederik Roije.
 Element Dining Table - Rectangle  Petite Gigue Chair  Seatshell Bar Stool Basic


The Dancing pendant from Menu is minimalist and sculptural, as is the Core table lamp from New Works.  We also like the sharp angular look of the Escape suspension light from LZF.

Dancing Pendant Light   Core Table Lamp  Escape Suspension Light - Large


For sculptural accessories with sharp lines go for the Storylines Single wall shelf from Frederik Roije, the Tip Top waste bin from Ghidini 1961 and the Bloom centrepiece from Incipit.

 Storylines Single    Tip Top Waste Bin (Small)   Bloom Centrepiece

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