North Carlton Green House by Zen Architects

August 17, 2017

Zen Living

North Carlton Green House by Zen Architects

It is a dream of many to have an urban abode surrounded by nature, a circle which is squared beautifully by Melbourne-based Zen Architects.

The Green House is a petite two-storey building located on a narrow site surrounded by other houses.  Tall deciduous trees in a north-facing courtyard provide shade whilst letting in plenty of light through floor-to-ceiling windows.  The extensive use of wooden slats on the facade adds to the naturalistic vibe of the house, as do the wavy roof and curvy walls on the upper level.  Greenery abound in the courtyard garden, inside the greenhouse-like living room and on the two roof terraces.  This is a small but perfectly formed urban oasis, a perfect sanctuary from hectic city life.

North Carlton Green House by Zen ArchitectsNorth Carlton Green House by Zen ArchitectsNorth Carlton Green House by Zen ArchitectsNorth Carlton Green House by Zen ArchitectsNorth Carlton Green House by Zen ArchitectsNorth Carlton Green House by Zen Architects


Zen Architects

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Product Inspiration

Soft, comfortable and inviting furniture work wonderfully in a natural design scheme.  Try the Gentry sofa from Moroso, the Altay armchair from Coedition and the Lake rug from Golran.
Gentry 2-Seater Sofa   Altay Armchair - White Goatskin  Lake Rug - Shades of Green


We love the naturalistic wood veneer lights of LZF, such as the stunning Agatha suspension light.  Low and subtle lights work well too, try the Bowl table lamp by New Works and the Cave table lamp by Moustache.

Agatha Suspension Light - Ball  Bowl Table Lamp  Cave Table Lamp


For naturalistic accessories which make a design statement try the Tree vase from Sena Gu, the Moose trophy from Moustache and the Knotted Cherry container from Ghidini 1961.    

Tree Vase  Moose Large Trophy  Knotted Cherry Container (Large)

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