Mirage House by Kois Associated Architects

July 13, 2016

Disappearing Act

Mirage House by Kois Associated Architects

If the greatest trick the architect ever pulled is to make a building disappear, then Kois Associated Architects must be master magicians of the trade.

Designed by Kois Stelios of Kois Associated Architects, the Mirage House is carved into the steep rocky cliffs overlooking the Aegean sea on the island of Tinos.  The architect's brief is to build a stealthy residence which respects the traditional vernacular and merges with the surrounding landscape.  The single storey structure, built largely using local materials and traditional techniques, has a spectacular infinity pool which covers the entire roof of the building.  As a result, when viewed from above the building effectively merges into the sea, the only visible feature being the pool and the reflections it casts.  A perfect, meditative spot to enjoy the spectacular ocean views.

Mirage House by Kois Associated ArchitectsMirage House by Kois Associated ArchitectsMirage House by Kois Associated ArchitectsMirage House by Kois Associated ArchitectsMirage House by Kois Associated Architects


Kois Associated Architects

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Create a serene and contemplative design scheme with a natural minimalist furniture selection.  The Fan table from Desalto, which combines a solid oak top with industrial style steel legs, would look great with the Wendela bar stool from Functionals.  For something more rustic, try the Kimua bench from Alki.


The Super Gea suspension light and the Hi-Collar wall light from LZF are both made of natural wood veneers and would look great in a natural minimalist space.  For a sleek and minimalist table light try the JWDA concrete lamp from Menu.


For minimalist and natural accessories that are out of the ordinary check out the Treasure Table container / occasional table with a giant cork top from Frederik Roije, the Marble Tiles wallpaper from NLXL and the Baltazar candle from Andrej Urem.


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