Container Living by Contained

July 21, 2017

Portable Luxe

Container Living by Contained

Container conversions are nothing new, but few are as stylish and luxurious as the ones from Australia-based Contained.

Designed with luxury, versatility and sustainability in mind, each container is custom-designed to suit different requirements, whether it is a micro-home, temporary office or pop-up showroom.  We love the clever space-extending features such as the pull-out glass-walled extension and the alfresco area as well as the quality finishes and luxurious touches.

Container Living by ContainedContainer Living by ContainedContainer Living by ContainedContainer Living by ContainedContainer Living by ContainedContainer Living by Contained



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Product Inspiration

What could be a better companion to a container home than clever storage units made from airplane trolleys?  These ones from Bordbar come in full trolley, box trolley and wall-mounted cube versions.
Bordbar Airplane Trolley - Airport  Bordbar Box Trolley  Bordbar Cube


Maximise space with sleek wall lights such as the Walker light from Menu or sleek table lights such as the Table Tower table light from Frederik Roije.  The Piknik portable wireless light from LZF would be great for the outdoor areas. 

Walker Ceiling / Wall Lamp - Set of 2    Table Tower Table Light   Piknik Portable Wireless Table Light


Keep accessories simple and functional.  Try the Cool Breather from Menu, the Life in Progress clock from Lyon Beton and the aGroove bluetooth speaker from Kreafunk.

Wine Cool Breather  Clock - Life in Progress   KreaFunk aGROOVE Speaker

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