Loci Customisable Suspension Light

by Graypants

Loci is an innovative and highly customisable suspension light from Graypants. The name, which means "centralised sources of power" in Latin, refers to its innovative design, where a single light source from a handful of LEDs concealed in the canopy is transmitted to multiple pendants via fibre-optic cables. This design is also far more energy efficient and easy to maintain than conventional designs, where individual pendants are lit by separate light bulbs or LEDs. 

The pendants which make up the Loci suspension light are made of solid frosted acrylic and are can be specified in multiple shapes from cubes to candles and even cones. When lit, the pendants emit a soft glow which highlight the shape of the pendants as well as the design of the overall installation beautifully. The Loci suspension light works especially well in large open spaces such as building lobbies and tall spaces such as stairwells, where the light can be customised to create spectacular installations.

The Loci suspension light comes in five standard designs: Ring, Spiral Ring, Mobius, Rain and Wave, but any number of pendants can be used to create unique designs customised to fit your specifications. For such bespoke installations please refer to the Canopy System Brochure and the Loci Tech Specs and contact us for more details.

Graypants is a design studio founded by Seattle-based architects Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker in 2007.  Their bold creativity has led to diverse designs in products and architecture, especially Scraplights, the brand's flagship line of pendant lights made entirely from repurposed corrugated cardboard.  Since then, more collections have been created, always focusing on recycled paper or natural materials such as wood.

  • Illuminator Lamp: fibre optic 90W (220 diffusers per illuminator)
  • Illuminator Size: L 25.4 x W 11.15 x H 8.9 cm
  • Diffuser size: Cube: 5 x 5 cm / Candle: 2.5 x 15.24 cm - custom options are available (the diffusers are customisable in other various shapes: triangles, round etc)
  • Color temperature: 3000K - custom options are available
  • Dimming: the light can be dimmable upon request
  • Cord Set: fibre optic cable; black hardwired 2m cord standard / variable depending on customisation
  • Fibre: black jacket fibre
  • Diffuser material: frosted acrylic
  • Canopy material: MDO plywood, metal - custom options are available
  • Weight: tbc depending on each customised configuration
  • Please also refer to the Canopy System Brochure
  • Loci Tech Specs
  • Loci Installation Instructions
  • Graypants Brand Page and Catalogue
  • Made in The Netherlands

For more information, please enquire for more details and kindly provide as much information as possible, such as:

- Desired dimensions (approximate) of the installation
- Preferred canopy type, and/or material, and/or colour
- Preferred shape of the diffusers 
- Preferred number of diffusers, or a rough estimate of your budget
- Any additional special need or request

It would also be helpful to have some images and/or some PDF or CAD drawings of the space, and any loose design concept or inspiration idea on which we can work on.

Please contact us using the form below or by email for your quotation.

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