Konnex Shelving Set - Floor Standing

The Konnex, designed by Florian Gross for Mueller (or Müller) Möbelwerkstätten, is aimed at people who enjoy constantly redesigning and organising their surroundings. And with this innovative new slot-in system, exactly that is possible. A basic set, comprising three modules, can be individually arranged to form a shelf unit. In addition, different numbers of basic sets can be added to form a unique shelf space: the comb-like slits are inserted into the side walls of another cube to form a large shelving system. The way you decide to piece them together is variable depending on your preference and the occasion and can therefore be adapted to every space and every situation.  The Konnex is ideal for both private and public spaces.

Florian Gross was born in 1982 and lives and works in Barcelona.  In 2001 he completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter and shortly afterwards he began studying interior design, founding his own studio in 2011. His innovative Konnex shelving system has already been nominated for numerous design awards and won the Chicago Good Design Award.

Müller Möbelwerkstätten is a 5 generations family company with a long history in the joinery business. Müller has been producing high-quality furniture for both private and business clients in Bockhorn (Germany) since 1869. Müller Möbelwerkstätten stands for manufacturing expertise, combining modern production methods with manual and crafting skills.

  • Designed by Florian Gross
  • Year: 2011
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Material: 6 mm thick HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels
  • Each set contains 3 boxes, with the option to purchase additional modules separately
  • Measurements (small box - KX 130-312): L 31.2 cm x W 31.2 cm x D 31.2 cm.
  • Measurements (medium box - KX 140-312): L 41.4 cm x W 41.4 cm x D 31.2 cm.
  • Measurements (large box - KX 150-312): L 51.6 cm x W 51.6 cm x D 31.2 cm
  • Delivery time 2 - 4 weeks
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To purchase additional boxes, please select the Set of 3 first and add to cart; then go back to the product page, select each additional required box separately and add to cart; repeat for each additional box required. 

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