Fan Mirror

by Ghidini 1961

The Fan Mirror, designed by Setsu & Shinobu for Ghidini 1961, is inspired by the classic Japanese Fan with its characteristic semi-circular shape. In the Japanese tradition this is not only used to move the air, but also to create an elegant barrier between two people, to hide shyness but in this case also allowing you to be reflected.

The structure of the mirror is made from die-cast brass in a polished finish, whilst the central part is made of a generous mirrored surface.

Setsu & Shinobu Ito are both Japanese designers with a broad work experience in architecture, interior and space, surface, product, industrial and packaging design. They opened their design studio in 1997, and since then, they work and consult for international clients, in a wide range of activities in the design.

Ghidini 1961 is the design-led consumer products brand from Ghidini Bosco, the Italian specialist in metal die-casting renowned for their manufacturing expertise, especially with brass.  Precious and luxurious, Ghidini 1961 is the perfect marriage of manufacturing heritage and cutting-edge contemporary design.  Read our related blog post on Ghidini 1961 here.

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