Air Wall Light

The Air collection was an idea of Irish designer Ray Power who, fascinated by the huge potential offered by Polywood® decided to explore it’s whole range of possibilities, manipulating and using the sheets to create tridimensional objects. The result, a conical stand and shade which suggest both visual and technical stability. LZF intention is to achieve, with this design, a recognisable shape through the use of a material so wildly natural, yet, achieving a form of iconic expresion of the most classical models. In its wall version, this allegory of lightness brings out both its genuine quality and its ability to adapt itself to its surroundings: Agatha gets to “lean” against a vertical surface, projecting light in a unique fashion. Its original shape is a good asset for every place: private homes, commercial areas, ephemeral settings, and so on.

Air-A is the winner of the prestigious award Red Dot 2010 (Germany) and the Good Design award (Chicago, 2009).

LZF lamps, or Luzifer as they were originally called, is a Spanish lighting specialist making very special lights. Founded at the end of 1994, LZF specialises in ceiling, wall, floor and table lights in contemporary designs hand-made using natural wood veneers.

This noble material creates a spectacular lighting effect, projecting the internal beauty of the wood and radiating a delicately warm and attractive atmosphere to both domestic and contract settings.

Winner of two Good Design, two Design Plus and one Red Dot prize, LZF is fast becoming one of the most respected lighting brands in the world.

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