ABC Bookcase – Base for Floor-Standing Shelf

by Saporiti

The ABC Bookcase is a unique typeface-based modular shelving system designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti.  The shelving modules are available for every letter of the alphabet and for every number, which enables different words or messages to be spelt out, making this the most versatile and creative way to tell your story in your interior space.

The Base for Floor-Standing Shelf is designed to provide extra stability for the ABC Bookcase Floor-Standing Shelves and to ensure all shelves are lined up properly, even on an uneven floor.  These should be ordered for every module that sits directly on the floor. 

  • Designed to support ABC Bookcase Floor-Standing Shelves
  • Available in chipwood laminated
  • Dimensions: L 51 / 49.5 / 48 x H 1.5 x D 29.5 / 21.5 cm
  • Weight: c. 2 kg each
  • Custom-made in Italy
  • Delivery 6-8 weeks
  • Prices are per unit (per letter): Simply select the amount of bases needed. The number of bases should be equal to the number of letters forming the bottom row of the entire bookshelf

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