Flexible Living - FAQs


No, you do not own the products, unless and until you choose to Buy. However, you are free to enjoy and should care for the products as if they were yours. Think of them as items lent to you by a good friend or relative.

Flexible Living is designed for everybody who wants their furniture to keep pace with their changing lifestyles. However, the subscription nature of the programme does not suit everybody. As part of the ordering process we will ask you to provide some basic information in order to perform a credit check (which may include address verification and affordability tests) to ensure we offer the right deal for you.

Flexible Living is currently only available within the M25 area of London in the UK. We have ambitious plans to extend our service area, so if you live outside the M25 area but would like to try out Flexible Living, just contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.

We love to help you find the right product! We work with all major quality design brands, what you see on our website is just a starting point. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just contact us and we’ll do our best to find the right product and offer the best deal for you.

We understand it’s helpful to try out products in real life, but it would be impossible to have everything we offer available to view. If you let us know what you’re interested in, we’ll do our best to point out showrooms and other public spaces where you might be able to see the relevant product.

At the moment all the products we offer are brand new, often custom-made to order just for you. However, we believe in the recycling potential of quality design furniture and will be offering second life products in the future. These will of course be clearly marked so and will be offered at lower prices and with more flexible subscription periods.

Flexible Living products are designed to be used at your designated home address only. If you are moving house, please contact us so that we can amend our records and make alternative arrangements if necessary. For example, we may need to charge you for future pick up and delivery costs if you move outside the M25 area.

Since you do not actually own the Flexible Living products, you may not sell them to other people. We would also discourage you from lending the products – don’t forget you will still be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained during the subscription period, even if they are caused by others.


At the moment the subscription period is set at 12 months. If you would like to benefit from Flexible Living for more than 12 months, simply choose to Continue at the end of the subscription period and you can continue to enjoy the products indefinitely, and at discounted monthly payments too. As part of our growth plans we are looking to offer more options for subscription periods, so do stay posted!

At the moment the subscription period is set at 12 months. As part of our growth plans we are looking to offer shorter subscription periods, especially for second life products, so do stay posted!

You can Buy and own the product outright anytime over the 12 month period by paying the remaining subscription payments and the one-off Final Purchase Payment, but you won’t be able to Swap or Return the product until the end of the 12 month period.

If it’s going well, let’s keep rolling! Your existing subscription will continue indefinitely, but as a thank you we will reduce your monthly payment. You can convert this to Buy, Swap or Return at any time. We will assume you choose to Continue unless you tell us otherwise.

We are delighted that the product works out for you! Just make the one-off Final Purchase Payment and it is yours to keep forever.

Want to change or upgrade? Fantastic! Just choose your new product and we will pick up the old product and install the new product at the same time. Your subscription for the old product will end, to be replaced by a new 12 month subscription for the new product. As a thank you we will offer you a credit towards the cost of the new product and provide pick-up and delivery for free. If your new product is not ready to be delivered, subscription for the old product will roll over on Continue terms until the new product is delivered. Returned products will be assessed with fees applied for any damages.

Sorry to see you go, but we understand sometimes change is needed. We will come and pick up your product for free. Please note that returned products will be assessed with fees applied for any damages.

We’re sorry you’ve changed your mind, but I’m afraid you are committed to the product and the monthly payments until the end of the subscription period. You can Buy the product at any time, and, if you wait to the end of the subscription period, you will also have the option to Swap or Return.


Your initial upfront payment will be 20% of the Buy Now price, with the balance to be paid in equal monthly subscription payments over 11 months once the product has been delivered.

You can pay with your credit or debit cards. As part of the ordering process we will ask for your credit card payment authorisation via an email secure link. The subscription payment will then be taken from your credit card on a monthly basis.

If your circumstances have changed and cannot keep up with the monthly payments, please contact us so that we will work out alternative arrangements.


As the products we offer are usually custom-made to order, the production and delivery lead times will vary, usually between 4-8 weeks. If your order includes more than one product, we will wait until all products are available before we deliver them to you. Don’t worry, your monthly subscription payments won’t start until your products are delivered. All good things come to those who wait!

Nothing! However, if we have to deliver outside the M25 area, or if we have to conduct a site survey to ensure outsized products can be delivered into your home, we will have to charge these costs to you.

Yes! Our specialist delivery partners will assemble the products for you, if needed. And they will take the boxes away too!

We understand accidents do happen. If the products get damaged during the subscription period please contact us right away and we will work out the best way to repair it. Please remember that you are responsible for keeping the products clean and in good repair. At the end of the subscription period, if you choose to Swap or Return, we will assess the returning products with fees charged for damages.