Do Family

Andrew Ying | Director

  • What's for lunch? Pret
  • How do you get to work?Scooter
  • Local Recommendation? Opera Tavern, for the best tapas
  • Favourite Do product? Lemon Squeezer by Sena Gu
Luca Melchiorri Terribile | Director

  • How Do I move? My geometrical Van Moof bicycle
  • What Do I eat? Munching energy bars all day...
  • What Do I like doing? Singing happily on my bike in the park
  • Favourite Do product? The Jeeves ceiling light by Jake Phipps
Sara Gregorutti | Marketing

  • How Do I travel? With my winged boots
  • What Do I eat? Italian food, of course
  • What Do I like doing? Creating worlds with words
  • Favourite Do product? Agatha Suspension Light - Ball