Florida Bowl

by Ghidini 1961

The Florida bowl is a palm frond shaped brass bowl designed by Nika Zupanc for Ghidini 1961.  The bowl, part of the "Take me to Miami" collection, encapsulates the spirit of sultry heat, magical sunsets and 1950s glamour perfectly; its gentle curves inviting you to touch and be seduced by the exquisitely polished surface.  The Florida bowl makes a charming centrepiece on its own and looks even better with precious objects placed in its embrace.

Nika Zupanc is a young Slovenian designer whose designs give voice to the intuitive, eclectic and intimate, resulting in products that are highly expressive and distinctly feminine.  She has worked many leading international brands including Moooi, Se and Dior.

Ghidini 1961 is the design-led consumer products brand from Ghidini Bosco, the Italian specialist in metal die-casting renowned for their manufacturing expertise, especially with brass.  Precious and luxurious, Ghidini 1961 is the perfect marriage of manufacturing heritage and cutting-edge contemporary design.  Read our related blog post on Ghidini 1961 here.

  • Material: cast brass or copper plated brass
  • Available in 2 finishes: brass polished or rose gold
  • Dimension: W 38 x D 35 x H 10 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Delivery: 60-90 days
  • Country: made in Italy
  • For all materials and finishes refer to the Ghidini Materials and Finishes Catalogue
  • For any other general information on the brand refer to the Ghidini General Catalogue

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