Carpet Reloaded - Decolorized

by Golran

The Carpet Reloaded - Decolorized collection is an ensemble of unique rugs designed by Golran. The Decolorized collection is made of vintage carpets which are knotted by hand using antique traditional weaving methods; the rugs are then subjected to a de-coloration process followed by re-dyeing using monochromatic vegetal dyes. Each type of yarn and weave has a different reaction to the de-coloration and dyeing processes, thus yielding changeable hues and effects in an extensive choice of nuances, ranging from bold bright shades to natural tones and pastels.

The Carpet Reloaded collections - Decolorized and Patchwork - have started a new trend in dynamic living, which blends tradition with innovation.

Each rug in the Carpet Reloaded - Decolorized Collection is completely unique in its colours, patterns and sizes. These rugs work well in traditional and contemporary settings and are appropriate for use in private and public spaces.

Golran was founded in 1898 in the Persian city of Mashad.  Three generations later and now based in Milan, the family-run company is recognised as one of the leading rug businesses in the world with a unique combination of cultural heritage, traditional hand-crafting, technological developments and contemporary design.

  • Designed by: Golran Studio
  • Each piece is a unique work of art, to check the currently available pieces please enquire
  • Sizes: variable
  • Colours: monochrome or multicolour
  • Patterns: variable
  • Composition: wool, cotton; also available with silk, cashmere or any other material at customer's request
  • Technique: hand knotted
  • Hand crafted in Nepal
  • Delivery: please enquire for lead times

Please contact us using the form below or by email for your quotation.

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