Silla40 Chair

by Sancal

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To commemorate Sancal's 40th anniversary, Isaac Piñeiro from the design studio Nadadora designed the Silla40 Chair to represent each of Sancal’s four decades. Instead of four totally different chairs, each chair shares the same structure but with different backs, each inspired by a key moment in the history of furniture design. The R20 back is inspired by Marcel Breuer and his Cesca chair. The R30 back is a nod to Scandinavian design in the ’30s and, in particular, the 69 chair by Alvar Aalto. The R40 version represents the organic design of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s and celebrates the LCW chairs designed by Charles Eames. The postmodern influences of the ’70s are present in the R70 version, inspired by designs like those of Synthesis45 by Ettore Sottssas for Olivetti. This versatile and distinctive chair looks great either by itself or in a group and works well in both commercial and private spaces.

The chair is available with 4 different backs, all with either wooden or metal legs in multiple finishes, with option for armrests for the metal versions. The seat and backrest can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. For more information on the available sizes, materials and finishes please refer to the Product Tech Sheet and the various Sancal Materials and Finishes Catalogues in the Features tab under Additional Information.

The chair is part of the Grafica Collection comprised of stools, sofas, chairs and tables.

Isaac Piñeiro preserves the essence of NADADORA, the design studio that he founded along with Cristina Alonso 10 years ago. His conceptually honest, straightforward philosophy is evident in each and every piece.

Sancal is a Spanish design furniture brand with the motto of “Smile, break the mould and be happy!”. Their products are contemporary, timeless and eclectic, combining a strong identity with substantial scope for customisation.

Product Reference
R20 Metal Chair: 295.41.M.1
R30 Metal Chair: 295.41.M.2
R40 Metal Chair: 295.41.M.3
R70 Metal Chair: 295.41.M.4
R20 Metal Chair with Arms: 295.42.M.1
R30 Metal Chair with Arms: 295.42.M.2
R40 Metal Chair with Arms: 295.42.M.3
R70 Metal Chair with Arms: 295.42.M.4
R20 Wooden Chair: 295.41.1
R30 Wooden Chair: 295.41.2
R40 Wooden Chair: 295.41.3
R70 Wooden Chair: 295.41.4

Design Year

Production & Lead Time
Production: Custom-made to order in approximately 4-6 weeks
Delivery: 1-2 weeks for shipping, depending on location

Hand crafted in Spain


R20 Chair: W 45 x D 46 x H 80 x Seat H 46 cm
R30 Chair: W 45 x D 46 x H 78 x Seat H 46 cm
R40 Chair: W 45 x D 46 x H 83 x Seat H 46 cm
R70 Chair: W 45 x D 46 x H 82 x Seat H 46 cm
R20 Chair with Arms: W 56 x D 49 x H 80 x Seat H 46 cm
R30 Chair with Arms: 56 x D 49 x H 78 x Seat H 46 cm
R40 Chair with Arms: 56 x D 49 x H 83 x Seat H 46 cm
R70 Chair with Arms: 56 x D 49 x H 82 x Seat H 46 cm

Materials & Finishes
Upholstery: available in various fabrics and leathers, fixed
Shell: laminated high frequency pressed ash
Padding: CMHR 35kg foam
Wooden feet: solid ash in various finishes
Metal feet: White or Black F1 lacquered Steel in various finishes
Arm rest elements: ash in various finishes

Please refer to the Product Tech Sheet and the Sancal Materials and Finishes Catalogues below

Additional Information
Product Tech Sheet
Sancal Materials and Finishes Catalogue - Non Textiles
Sancal Materials and Finishes Catalogue - Textiles
Sancal Materials and Finishes Catalogue - Woods
Sancal Materials and Finishes Catalogue - Other Materials
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