Laima Grigone Collection

This exclusive ceramic collection designed by Laima Grigone is incredible.  Having taken part in 2013 in our annual graduates programme Do Masters, Laima has continued to create wonderful detailed pieces of work.

She uses a complex building process in order to deliver her surperb porcelain collection and explains how she does things:

Porcelain is the most finicky of clay bodies prone to collapsing during the forming process and cracking during the firing. It has a memory like an elephant – jiggle it the wrong way during the forming process and there’s a good chance it will remember this during the firing. Yet it is the perfect white canvas. Each item here is hand-­‐thrown on the wheel or hand-­‐built. After drying a little it is put back on the wheel upside-­‐down to trim the bottom of each piece giving them a neat rim. After the pieces are dry they are sponged and fired in an electrical kiln to 980 C. They are then glazed with one of my own glaze mixtures that I mix up from scratch (always food safe glaze inside). They are then high-­‐fired to about 1260 C. After firing the foot or base of each piece is sanded to ensure a smooth surface touches your hands and table.