Guijarro Wall & Ceiling Light

by LZF

Guijarros is a collection of three pebble-like lights designed by Spanish artist Mariví Calvo for LZF. Each lightly is perfectly adaptable to be fitted either on the wall or the ceiling. The Guijarro lights are inspired by fine shingle: the small, smooth and rounded pebbles whose individual shapes have been carved over centuries by water and sand. A tiny wonder of nature, every pebble exhibits its own colour, contours and shape.

With three different sizes and shapes to chose from and a choice of wood veneer finishes, the Guijarro lights are extremely versatile and eye-catching when displayed in a group formation. Just as pebbles live in harmony, the Guijarros present a strong sense of oneness.

The Guijarros have an especially easy assembly system made with magnets: this simplifies the fitting and allows to twist each light slightly in order to choose the preferred position, or even to change the light and substitute it for another model. 

Mariví Calvo’s Guijarros were awarded the Schöner Wohnen / Neue Calibre prize in Hamburg (2007) being selected as one of the 100 most beautiful objects in the world of the last 50 years.

LZF lamps, or Luzifer as they were originally called, is a Spanish lighting specialist making very special lights. Founded at the end of 1994, LZF specialises in ceiling, wall, floor and table lights in contemporary designs hand-made using natural wood veneers.

This noble material creates a spectacular lighting effect, projecting the internal beauty of the wood and radiating a delicately warm and attractive atmosphere to both domestic and contract settings.

Winner of two Good Design, two Design Plus and one Red Dot prize, LZF is fast becoming one of the most respected lighting brands in the world. 

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