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Metropolis Sideboard

by Dooq

Metropolis Sideboard is an elegant and evocative cabinet created by DooqMetropolis embodies the elegance, fine craftsmanship and richness of Art Deco by striking the perfect balance between multiple contrasts: soft curvy shapes against straight lines, polished metals against natural wood and marble.  The Metropolis Sideboard is perfect as a drinks or general storage cabinet in a dining room, living room or meeting room.

The Metropolis Sideboard can be ordered in different finishes in addition to the version shown in the image.  The MDF structure can be lacquered in 11 different colours (in gloss or matte finishes), the wood reliefs come in 5 different wood veneers (with gloss and matte finishes available), the stainless steel details in 3 different finishes and the feet in 4 types of solid wood or in stainless steel.   Other combinations of materials and finishes are available, please refer to the Dooq Materials Catalogue and contact us for more information.

All Dooq products are custom-made to order with prices dependent on product specification and quantity.  Please contact us for more advice on materials and finishes as well as information on prices and delivery lead times.

Born in Portugal, Dooq is dedicated to stimulating the senses.  Its luxurious designs are inspired by the unexpected meeting of opposites: feminine and masculine, small and large, soft and solid and where the past meets the present.  Highly skilled craftsmen combine sensual materials like velvet, trimmings, straw and glass with harder materials such as copper, marble, brass and wood to create a sumptuous and elegant collection which crosses the boundary between art and design.

  • Design: Dooq Details
  • Dimensions: W 250 x D 50 x H 78 cm
  • Materials: structure in MDF, door panels and details in marble, wood veneers and stainless steel, feet in stainless steel
  • Finishes: MDF lacquered in ivory colour, white Estremoz marble, natural walnut wood veneer, stainless steel in polished copper finish
  • For other materials and finishes please refer to the Dooq Materials Catalogue
  • Origin: made in Portugal
  • Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks plus shipping
  • Product Sheet
  • Please contact us for more information on preferred materials combinations and prices according to your location
  • As pictured: Structure: ivory lacquered MDF / Doors: Marble - Estremoz white matte finish / Wood reliefs: natural walnut veneer / Metal applications: stainless steel plated polished copper / Feet: stainless steel plated polished copper

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