Desktop Accessories from Taiwan

September 09, 2016

The Art of Writing

Desktop Accessories from Taiwan

Do you feel writing is becoming a lost art?  What you need is some inspiring desktop accessories to get the creative juices flowing.  During our recent visit to Maison & Objet in Paris we encountered a trio of design companies from Taiwan with irresistible desktop accessories which do exactly that.

Desktop Accessories from Taiwan

LANDSCAPE from Danzo Studio on Vimeo.

First up is Danzo Studio with Landscape, a series of aluminium stationery boxes with terrain-shaped lids designed for different functions.  Thus Valley features an angled stand ideal for mobile phones or spectacles, Volcano features a pen pot and Hill features a series of gently raised storage pots.  A case of function following form which nevertheless functions well and looks great too.

Desktop Accessories from Taiwan

Singular Concept is a multi-disciplinary studio founded by designer Ray Teng Pai.  The diverse output of the studio includes jewellery, lighting and also Junction, a super sleek set of modular desktop organiser inspired by circuits of shiny pipes and valves hidden under the ground.

Desktop Accessories from Taiwan

Y Studio makes beautifully crafted pens and pencils from brass and copper, which not only give the writing implements a weighty heft but also a sense of quality and timelessness, reflecting the concept of "the weight of characters".  These materials are also chosen because they mellow and change over time, reflecting the warmth and wisdom of written words.


Danzo Studio
Singular Concept
Y Studio

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Romantic Style

Product Inspiration

Great designs come from great inspirations and stories.  The Gentry sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, is inspired by the timeless elegance and confidence of aristocrats, updated with a slick, contemporary makeover.  The ABC bookcase from Saporiti takes its inspiration literally from books, creating a unique typeface-based modular shelving system which reflects the romance of reading.  The Quetzal armchair from Missana takes its name and inspiration from the colourful bird of the same name, its clever dual-colour double-sided cushions resembling the colourful feathers of the bird.


The Mini Mikado suspension light from LZF is inspired by mikado sticks but also resembles a flower in mid bloom and looks particularly good in bright colours.  The Cape suspension light from Moustache is again inspired by flowers, its fluid shape also reminds us of capes or even a slurpy tongue.  We love the slick elegance of the Table Tower table light from Frederik Roije, sleek like illuminated skyscrapers in a metropolis.


For personal accessories to match the beautiful desktop accessories from the Taiwanese designers try the Bellows shoulder bag from Nava, the Clubmaster chrono watch from Briston and the storm-proof umbrella from Senz.


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