Towering Tableware by Lisa Krigel

September 26, 2019

Brutalism Served

Towering Tableware by Lisa KrigelThe appeal of modernism (together with brutalism, its thuggish sibling) has withstood the ebb and flow of fashion, inspiring countless creations in art, architecture and now - thanks to ceramist Lisa Krigel - tableware.

Based in Cardiff but originally from the US, Lisa Krigel combines her fascination in brutalist architecture with her love of clay to create ceramic plates, cups and bowls which can be stacked to create modernist masterpieces on the dinner table.

Every piece is hand thrown using clay specially blended to recreate the colour of concrete, their surfaces meticulously polished to a smooth, inviting finish and the insides glazed in warm tones of muted green, orange and paprika. The pieces come in multiple shapes and sizes and can be stacked in each and every way. Your dining table can thus be transformed into a playground for acting out your architectural fantasies: stacks of cups become sleek skyscrapers or industrial chimneys, whilst piles of plates in different sizes recall the ramps of the Guggenheim museum.

The cool geometric shapes of the collection might emphasise the function of these objects, but their tactile nature and playful interactiveness project a distinct sense of warmth. This artful balance perhaps comes closer than most famous modernist buildings in explaining the "machine for living" ethos behind this enduring movement. 

Towering Tableware by Lisa KrigelTowering Tableware by Lisa KrigelTowering Tableware by Lisa KrigelTowering Tableware by Lisa KrigelTowering Tableware by Lisa KrigelTowering Tableware by Lisa KrigelTowering Tableware by Lisa KrigelTowering Tableware by Lisa KrigelTowering Tableware by Lisa Krigel



Lisa Krigel


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