The Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair

Green Shoots

The Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair sadly didn't boast sub-tropical temperatures (would have been nice for Stockholm in mid-February), but this annual showcase of emerging designers was definitely sizzling with new design talent.  Here are our favourites. 


Edvin Klasson

Many people associate minimalism with a monastic existence of colourless restraint, but as the works of Edvin Klasson show, simple can be fun too.  Just look at his Cirkus salt and pepper grinders, or the Galata pouff, the fringes of which make it look like a large hovering brush or perhaps a freshly groomed Scottish terrier.  The Cascade coat hanger is simple, functional and endearingly cactus-like, whilst the Camping room divider is sure to bring a taste of life in the wild to your office. 

For a touch of colour and fun, look no further than the Quetzal armchair from Missana.

Quetzal Armchair

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Alexander Kanygin

The elegant designs of St Petersburg-based Alexander Kanygin are clearly minimalist, but there is an element of playfulness too.  There is the aptly named Fattable, a plywood table with comically oversized legs, a wooden tray in the shape of a hand, and a series of flat-packed wooden tables and chairs with supports that click into each other, making assembly a cinch.  Ikea had better watch out.

Fans of minimalism would love the clean, elegant aesthetic of Frederik Roije, with products such as the Seatshell chair.

Seatshell Chair Basic

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Alvaro Diaz Hernandez

Just as restrained and no less delectable is the works of Spaniard Alvaro Diaz Hernandez.  The Rewire magazine rack, designed for Tre, is about as minimalist as a magazine rack can aspire to be, whilst the sculptural Chely side table packs a real geometric punch.  We also like the Wood Storage shelving system with its blocky wooden joints and the graphic good looks of the Hat stool. 

Inspired by the cool vibes of Alvaro Diaz Hernandez's work?  You would love the contemporary Nordic style of Menu's products, such as the Tailor sofa.

Tailor Sofa

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Sizar Alexis

The works of Sizar Alexis have a sculptural, almost meditative quality about them.  Take, for instance, the Itoo Raba series of furniture with their monumental, altar-like simplicity, the Accessories Podium with its industrial undertones or the architectural Amal glass.  Perfect for sleek, minimalist design schemes.

Go super sculptural and create a strong focal point with the Clay dining table from Desalto.

Clay Table Round - Dark Grey Lava Stone

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Anne Harvala

It would be difficult not to be charmed by the Unify tables, designed by Stockholm based Anne Harvala.  The bulky, tubular form of the table legs feel sturdy and industrial but also unexpectedly friendly and welcoming at the same time.  The rustic look of the Pall fas 2 table also caught our eye, as did the Carriage candle holder, which looks like a sleek, stylised version of a wheelbarrow.

For a collection just as eclectic and stylish, check out New Works with products such as the Untitled concrete chair.

Untitled Concrete Chair

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Mario Tsai Studio

Simplicity, elegance and a sense of wonder; these are the key characteristics of the furniture collection by Chinese designer Mario Tsai.  We particularly like his Flying Tables, which feature round metal trays balanced precariously on metal frames and blocks, seemingly in defiance of gravity.

For more geometric and sculptural inspirations, check out the Chariot trolley from Casamania

Chariot Trolley

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Kimu Design

There is something unusually alluring about the lighting collections of Kimu Design.  Their New Old light combines a slick, outsized industrial metal fitting with a traditional Chinese lantern to create a gentle, tactile light which combines the best of eastern and western influences, a style which is echoed across other lighting and product collections.  Unsurprising perhaps, as the team behind Kimu is based in Finland and Taiwan.

For an exciting fusion of East and West check out the Utility Armchair V from Stellar Works.

Utility Armchair V

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The Whole Elements

Can only take so much minimalist Scandi-cool in one exhibition?  Polish designer Anna Bera of The Whole Elements comes to the rescue with an unapologetically rustic collection of furniture.  Her Fossils collection includes a side table and wall-hung cabinet, both hand-hewn from solid oak.  The units have holes in which organically shaped ceramic vessels would fit, allowing the user to interact with nature in a creative way.  

Enjoy the beauty of natural materials such as wood and fur with the Altay armchair from Coedition.

Altay Armchair - White Goatskin

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