Terrazzo Things from Lick My Brick

February 08, 2021

Taste My Terrazzo

Terrazzo Things from Lick My Brick

There was a time when the use of marble was largely restricted to floors, posh kitchen counters and grave statutes. And then, at some point around the mid-noughties, marble was everywhere - from occasional tables, lampshades and place mats to stationery, jewellery and you-name-it. Could the same be happening to terrazzo?

This wonder material, created by mixing cement with aggregates such as stone and glass chips, used to be the flooring material of choice for humble abodes in southern Europe. In recent years, designers have begun to explore new applications for terrazzo, attracted by the sustainability and robustness of the material (properly treated, it is more wine-resistant than marble), as well as the creative possibilities it offers.

Take, for example, the terrazzo lovers at Lick My Brick, a design collective based in St Petersburg. Their Gala+1 collection features blocks of terrazzo in colourful hues with outsized quartz and marble chips, polished to a high gloss. These are perfect as occasional tables, small stools or as plinths for potted plants. Their other products include sculptural side tables and loose table tops, all individually hand crafted and therefore all unique.

Attractive, versatile and zeitgeist-y, these are terrific additions to the growing oeuvre of terrazzo products. Peak terrazzo is surely not far off.

Terrazzo Things from Lick My Brick Terrazzo Things from Lick My Brick Terrazzo Things from Lick My Brick Terrazzo Things from Lick My Brick Terrazzo Things from Lick My BrickTerrazzo Things from Lick My Brick Terrazzo Things from Lick My Brick



Lick My Brick


Product Inspiration

Terrazzo looks great when used with other materials, such as with marble as in the Jean console from Mambo. If you're looking for other materials, the Brutus concrete chair from 101 Copenhagen and the marble Plinth tables from Menu are equally attractive.

 Jean Console - Mambo - Do Shop   Brutus Dining and Lounge Chair - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop  Plinth Table Collection - Menu - Do Shop


Terrazzo works well as a decorative feature in lighting. See, for example, the Frame suspension light from Utu. The Avalon floor lamp from Houtique and JWDA floor lamp from Menu both feature marble and stone.

Frame I Suspension Light - Utu - Do Shop   Avalon Floor Lamp - Houtique - Do Shop    JWDA Floor Lamp - Menu - Do Shop


For stone inspired accessories try the Bonnet mirror from Houtique or the Bar Stand from Nomon. Alternatively, you can create your own stone-textured backdrop with the marble wallpaper from NLXL.

Bonnet Mirror - Houtique - Do Shop   Bar Stand - Nomon - Do Shop   Black Marble Tiles 48.7 x 76.9 cm Materials Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek - NLXL - Do Shop

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