Style and the City

We may live in an age of globalised trends, but thankfully much of interior style retains distinct local flavours, providing us with rich seams of inspiration. Here are a few of our favourite cities and the styles they inspire.


A generation ago we may have looked to Tokyo as a vision of what a futuristic city looks like. These days, it is super sleek Seoul which has all the swagger of an agenda-setting global metropolis. Gone are the neon lights and hard edged industrial look (so year 2000), in comes a softer, more humanistic touch which feels far more personable. The Naked Sofa from Mambo is a great example of this style. Its curvaceous form and low seat back is minimalist yet welcoming and would not look out of place in a spaceship. Neither would the Elemento Pouf from Houtique, with port holes in the base and a colour gradient interior. They would go well with the 2001 Side Table from BD Barcelona Design and the Can Can Floor Lamp from Ghidini 1961, both featuring tubular shapes and metallic finishes.


1. Naked Sofa by Mambo Unlimited Ideas | 2. Elemento Pouf by Houtique | 3. 2001 Side Table by BD Barcelona Design | 4. Can Can Floor Light by Ghidini 1961


Paris, the city of lights, steeped in history and romance but with a forward looking streak. Not unlike the Bohemian Sofa from Moroso - with its back and sides draped over the frame like fabric, it is truly a traditional Chesterfield sofa reinvented for the modern age. The elegant Mandarin Lounge Chair from Stellar Works, a mix of old and new, East and West, is another good example of this style. They would both go well with the gothic yet whimsical Dark Angel Cellarette Cabinet from Scarlet Splendour and the Carpet Reloaded - Decolorized Rug from Golran. The latter is made using vintage rugs which have been decolorised and re-dyed to give them a new lease of life whilst maintaining the soul of the original. 


1. Bohemian Sofa by Moroso | 2. Mandarin Lounge Chair by Stellar Works | 3. Dark Angel Cellarette Cabinet by Scarlet Splendour | 4. Carpet Reloaded by Golran


Stockholm is the spiritual home of Scandichic and loved the world over for its soothing, tranquil style. Our homage to Stockholm starts with the Petra Coffee Table from Coedition and the appropriately named Hygge Armchair from Collector. We love their organic forms and natural materials, which feel irresistibly warm and cosy. They go well with the Hector Dining Table from Eberhart, with its Mikado sticks-like base, and the Play Suspension Light from Utu. Both add a playful, contemporary touch whilst staying in tune with the spirit of Nordic style.


1. Petra Coffee Table by Coedition | 2. Hygge Armchair by Collector | 3. Hector Dining Table by Eberhart | 4. Play Suspension Light by Utu Soulful Lighting


Those who are looking for a tropical adventure should make a beeline for Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon which can only be accessed by river or by air. The style here is vibrant and daring, a perfect match for the lush landscape that surrounds the city. It is a place where the Gorilla Chair from Scarlet Splendour feels right at home. Add the Sparrow Chandelier from Seletti as well as the Bonsai Table from Boca do Lobo and the jungle theme is complete. If you have less space why not create a feature wall with the Lush Succulents Wallpaper from MINDTHEGAP? This wild look is sure to make your friends green with envy.



If you appreciate fine craftsmanship and a contemplative way of life you would love Kyoto, the historic former Japanese capital where every charming alley and mediation garden has a story to tell. This emphasis on culture and craftsmanship is well embodied in the Lepida Chair from Woak, beautifully hand made from solid wood. Its perfect companion is the Nut Suspension Light from LZF, made of delicately curled natural wood veneer. The Kawara Vase from Atelier Polyhedre is equally captivating, inspired by Japanese riverbeds and conceived as an abstract landscape, perfect for displaying a single flower or branch. For a touch of flamboyance go for the Marjorelle Table Lamp from Dooq, each one hand-crafted from resin-soaked sponge to evoke flowers from an imaginary garden.