ST∞L Multi-Colour Stools by Erik Olovsson

January 23, 2017

Colour Compositions

ST∞L Multi-colour Stools by Erik Olovsson

Never one to let creativity restricted by material limitations, Swedish designer Erik Olovsson has created a series of highly appealing stools using nothing more than pine blocks and paint.

The ST∞L project is conceived as an experiment in composition, where the designer used the same materials to create a different stool everyday, guided by his creative intuition alone.  The resulting stools are vigorous yet playful, with variations that are bold and subtle at the same time.  A feast for the eyes and a masterclass in creativity.

ST∞L Multi-colour Stools by Erik OlovssonST∞L Multi-colour Stools by Erik OlovssonST∞L Multi-colour Stools by Erik OlovssonST∞L Multi-colour Stools by Erik OlovssonST∞L Multi-colour Stools by Erik OlovssonST∞L Multi-colour Stools by Erik Olovsson


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Product Inspiration

Strong shapes and bold colours are key ingredients for high impact design schemes.  The ABC Bookcase from Saporiti can be customised in different colours to create a stunningly graphic display.  The Valentino bench from Missana also looks great with the seats upholstered in different colours.  For a slick and sculptural occasional table try the Tablefields side table from Frederik Roije

ABC Bookcase – Floor-Standing Shelf   Valentino Bench   Tablefields 


The wood veneers of the LZF lights (such as the Gea suspension lights shown here) can be specified in different colours, a great way to add a dash of colour to any room.  For a composition in different materials, try the Material pendant from New Works, which is available in concrete, cork, marble, oak, steel and terracotta versions.  For a more freestyle composition try the Maman suspension light from Seletti.

Gea Suspension Light - Small   Material Pendant - Cork   Maman - Suspension Light


Inspired by the multi-coloured blocks of Erik Olovsson's stools?  You may also like the Microscopic Slides wallpaper from NLXL, the 3D Tangram blocks and the Destkructure desk tidy from Seletti.

Microscopic Slides Wallpaper by Mr & Mrs Vintage  Tangram 3D Blue   Desktructure - The City

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