Objects by Destroyers / Builders

August 05, 2021

Architectural Constructions

Objects by Destroyers / BuildersBelgian designer Linde Freya Tangelder, founder of Destroyers / Builders, is inspired by architecture and the possibilities of materials. Her collection of furniture and accessories resemble heroic feats of construction: grand columns are transformed into bases of chairs, whilst metal shelves stand tall and proud, like skeletons of buildings. The architectural inspirations are combined with organic forms and handmade finishes to create beautifully sculptural objects which pay homage to our urban environment as well as reflecting our deep yearning for nature.

Objects by Destroyers / Builders Objects by Destroyers / Builders Objects by Destroyers / Builders Objects by Destroyers / Builders Objects by Destroyers / Builders Objects by Destroyers / Builders Objects by Destroyers / Builders



Destroyers / Builders


Product Inspiration

Make a grand design statement with architecturally inspired furniture such as the Step sofa from Viccarbe, the Big Foot bench from 101 Copenhagen and the Repeta Cupboard Vitrine from Woak.

Step Sofa - Viccarbe - Do Shop   Big Foot Bench - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop   Repeta 01 Cupboard Vitrine - Woak - Do Shop


Combine industrial and sculptural influences with the Pyppe suspension light from Utu, the Can Can table lamp from Ghidini 1961, and the Mondo floor lamp from Oblure.

Pyppe Single II - Suspension Light - Utu - Do Shop   Can Can Table Lamp - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop   Mondo Floor Lamp - Oblure - Do Shop


Add an organic, sculptural touch accessories such as the Cobra Hexa vase from 101 Copenhagen, the Pepe mirror from Menu and the Vertigo wall hanger from Nomon.

Cobra Hexa Vase - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop   Pepe Marble Mirror - Brass Frame and Honey Brown Marble Base - Menu - Do Shop   Vértigo - Wall Hanger - Nomon - Do Shop

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