Light Up the Dark Nights

The short days and dark nights of winter may not be great for your vitamin D intake, but they are perfect for enjoying the beauty of design lighting. Here are our favourite lights for your different moods and occasions.

Grand Impressions

For a grand space such as an imposing hotel lobby or a great room with cathedral height ceilings, you need a suitably grandiose suspension light. The Totem 4 Suspension Light from LZF, at over 230 cm tall, is sure to make a great impression, especially in a stairwell. The Brubeck Suspension Light from DelightFULL is made of gold-plated brass tubes in multiple compositions, including outsized designs in dramatic tiers and swirls. Those who prefer a more minimalist style will love the Chaindelier Suspension Light from Davide Groppi, a stunning yet simple design based on metal chain links. The length and composition of the chains be customised to suit different spaces, especially those with very high ceilings. The Monaco Suspension Light from Utu, with its distinctive rattan covered shades and elements in multiple colours, is perfect for adding a dash of colour and visual excitement. 


1. Totem 4 Suspension Light by LZF | 2. Brubeck Suspension Light by DelightFULL | 3. Chaindelier Suspension Light by Davide Groppi | 4. Monaco Suspension Light by Utu

Intimate and Romantic

The right light is instrumental in creating the right atmosphere, especially for softening the mood in an intimate space. Start with a petit table light such as the Le Deux Table Lamp from 101 Copenhagen, which looks beautifully sculptural even when it is not switched on. The Helios Table Lamp from Ghidini 1961, with its movable glass shade in two seductive tints, is another great choice that works especially well for bedside tables. Indirect lighting from a wall light can work wonders in creating a warm atmosphere. Try the Luce Naga Bulb Wall Light from Scarlet Splendour for a touch of romance or the Wink Wall Lamp from Houtique for some fun and glamour.


1. Wink Wall Lamp by Houtique | 2. Le Deux Table Lamp by 101 Copenhagen | 3. Helios Table Lamp by Ghidini 1961 | 4. Luce Naga Bulb Wall Light by Scarlet Splendour

Perfect for Clustering

Grouping lights together in a cluster is a clever way to create customised designs to fit different spaces. The A-Tube Suspension Light from Lodes is a great example. This seemingly simple light comes in multiple sizes, orientations and finishes that can be put together to create highly effective compositions. The Luci d'Oro Gold Moon Chandelier from Catellani & Smith is made of leaf-like gold foil curls that can be arranged in any composition you design. Lit by small LEDs, they emit a shimmering, ethereal glow which look particularly good over a dinner table or reception counter. We also like the Murmurations Moa Suspension Light from Graypants, with its organic shape and shades made from recycled cardboard, and the Fork Suspension Light from Diesel Living, its adjustable linen shade inspired by lamps used inside camping tents.


1. A-Tube Suspension Light by Lodes | 2. Lucci D'Oro Gold Moon Chandelier by Catellani & Smith | 3. Murmurations Moa Suspension Light by Graypants | 4. Fork Suspension Light by Diesel Living

Focus on Tasks

The primary function of a light may be to provide illumination, but there is no reason why this should not be done with style and panache. The humble desk light, for instance, can be jazzed up with a splash of colour and industrial styling, as with the Bolt Desk Light from Tonone. For a softer, more classic style try the Haro Floor Light from Stellar Works, perfect as a reading light next to a comfortable armchair. Don't forget that the smallest room in the house also deserves great lighting. The Operetta Wall Light from FABR is made of colourful terrazzo and will add a fabulous splash of colour next to the bathroom mirror. We are also impressed by the hard working 90 Degrees Wall Light from Frama, which doubles up as wall shelf. Now that's what we call a task-focused light.


Fun and Joyous

There's nothing like a quirky and playful light to lighten up the atmosphere and start a party conversation. The Marjorelle Table Lamp from Dooq is crafted from resin-infused sponges and is wonderfully outlandish. For a stylish take on wildlife try the Twee T. Suspension Light from Casamania, inspired by caged songbirds but far more humane (and practical). The Stair Table Lamp from Oblure has great sculptural quality and looks stylish and fun, especially when placed on a bookshelf. Seletti is famous for its quirky lights, our current favourite being the Discobolux Table Lamp. An ancient classic reimagined for the modern times in a fun and illuminating design.