Five Ways to Bring Nature Home

1. Show off the Curves

Square rooms may be useful for putting up shelves but nature abhors straight lines. So smoothen those corners, explore your inner voluptuousness and show off those curves, just as nature intended. The Naked Sofa from Mambo combines comforting organic shapes with sleek minimalist lines beautifully. It goes perfectly with the Toe Lounge Chair from 101 Copenhagen, its floral shape inspired as much by the fingers of our hand as by the fronds of a plant. For something with more animal spirit, try the Elephant Armchair from Ghidini 1961. But for a truly exuberantly curvy experience, go big with the Victoria & Albert Sofa, designed by Ron Arad for Moroso.

Naked Sofa - Mambo - Do Shop Toe Lounge Chair - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop    Victoria & Albert Sofa - Moroso - Do Shop  

1. Naked Sofa by Mambo Unlimited Ideas | 2. Toe Lounge Chair by 101 Copenhagen | 3. Elephant Armchair by Ghidini 1961 | 4. Victoria and Albert Sofa by Moroso

2. Explore the Urban Jungle

Natural greenery goes surprisingly well with industrial features. The Nest Round Sofa with Planter from Missana, with the delightful incorporation of a planter within a metal-framed seat, is a case in point. Concrete, despite its industrial connotations, also works surprisingly well with plants, as with the Concrete Nuclear Plant Holder from Lyon Beton. We also like the Brisa Mirror from Nomon, with its naturalistic wood curls surrounding the mirror like a flower. Alternatively, a lush, botanically themed wallpaper such as the Amazonia Wallpaper from MindTheGap will make a perfect feature wall in an industrial themed room.

Nest Round Sofa with Planter - Missana - Do Shop Concrete Nuclear Plant Holder - Small - Lyon Beton - Do Shop  Brisa Mirror - Nomon - Do Shop  Amazonia Wallpaper - MindTheGap - Do Shop

1. Nest Sofa by Missana | 2. Concrete Nuclear Plant Holder by Lyon Beton | 3. Brisa Mirror by Nomon | 4. Amazonia Wallpaper by MINDTHEGAP

3. Organic Life

What better way to bring nature home than to have furniture and lighting shaped after nature’s bounty? We love the cheerfully cheeky Monkey Side Table and Coat Stand, both designed by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona Design. The Scraplight Hive Suspension Light from Graypants is a glowing endorsement of the bees’ remarkable construction skills. Or what about the Tornado Vase from Ghidini 1961 for a surrealistic vision of nature? For those looking for a wild and exotic statement piece, the Puppy Pouf from Scarlet Splendour is sure to get people talking (and dogs wagging).

Monkey Side Table and Coat Stand - BD Barcelona - Do Shop Scraplight Hive Suspension Light - Graypants - Do Shop  Tornado Vase - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop  Puppy Pouf - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop 

1. Monkey Coat Stand/Side Table by BD Barcelona Design | 2. Scraplight Hive Suspension Light by Graypants | 3. Tornado Vase by Ghidini 1961 | 4. Puppy Pouf by Scarlet Splendour

4. (Natural) Material World 

We love natural materials, especially wood, with all its colours, warmth and texture. The Thibault Dining Chair from Eberhart is a simple and honest celebration of the beauty of oak, perfect for a Scandinavian or Shaker style interior. In a similar vein is the Marshall Ladder from Woak, which combines its sleek minimalist form with the warmth of wood beautifully. For something a touch more flamboyant but equally stylish, the Stay Dining Table from Stellar Works has solid oak or walnut legs shaped like stylised branches of a tree. These would go perfectly with the floral inspired Agatha Suspension Light from LZF, which brings home not only the shape but also the warm glow of nature, as the light filters through its natural wood veneers.

Thibault Dining Chair - Eberhart - Do Shop Marshall Ladder - Woak - Do Shop  Stay Dining Table - Stellar Works - Do Shop  Agatha Suspension Light - LZF - Do Shop

1. Thibault Dining Chair by Eberhart | 2. Marshall Ladder by Woak | 3. Stay Dining Table by Stellar Works | 4. Agatha Suspension Light by LZF

5. Colours of Nature

From the earthly tones of green and beige to the endless blue-grey shades of the sky and the sea, nature is full of inspiring colour combinations. The Pebble Rubble Sofa from Moroso, for example, is upholstered in a fabric designed to mimic the colours and textures of natural moss and rocks. This, together with Its comforting pebbly form, is enough to make anyone feel grounded. Equally inspiring is the Lake Rug Shades of Blue from Golran, its undulating texture and shades of blue reminiscent of an idyllic lakeland scene. We also love the Talismano Table Lamp from Catellani & Smith, its iridescent glass lens casting a mesmerising glow in shades of sky blue and sunset red. Looking for richer hues? There's no better way to capture the golds and reds of an unforgettable sunset than with the Souk Red Mirror from Dooq.

Pebble Rubble Sofa - Moroso - Do ShopLake Rug - Shades of Blue - Golran - Do Shop  Talismano Table Lamp - Catellani & Smith - Do Shop  Souk Red Mirror - Dooq - Do Shop

1. Pebble Rubble Sofa by Moroso | 2. Lake Rug Shades of Blue by Golran | 3. Talismano Table Lamp by Catellani & Smith | 4. Souk Red Mirror by Dooq