Experimental Designs from Ukurant

September 17, 2020

Danish Delights

Experimental Designs from Ukurant

Ukurant is a Danish word which means unusual or extraordinary, deviant almost. This is the guiding ethos behind the exhibition platform of the same name. Founded by furniture designers Josefine Krabbe Munck, Kamma Rosa Schytte, Kasper Kyster and Lærke Ryom, Ukurant showcases experimental products from emerging designers which straddle the border between art and commerce. In their first outing during the 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen in September 2020, they put together a thrilling collection which certainly challenges the norm.

Some of the designs which caught our eyes include the Build a Brutal Bench by Ottotto, a multipurpose bench made of colourful concrete blocks which resemble a Jenga tower. We are also drawn to Lion-foot by Sisse Holst Pedersen, an intriguing ceramic object somewhere between a sculpture and a bench. Afas is a series of stackable crates designed by Anna Søgaard and Anders Olof Nyberg, who were inspired by the multipurpose storage crates of the same name used widely across Egypt. The Aluminium Side Table by Anders Olof Nyberg is made of raw aluminium, which makes it much easier to be recycled. We like the way it looks industrial yet delicate, its three feet poised on their tippy-toes, as if the table was ready to launch into the air. Other highlights include Fellah, the stackable rattan stool cum storage units designed by Sia Hurtigkarl Degel and Pia Angela RasmussenSway, a hand-crafted fibreglass chair with smooth, fluid forms by Kamma Rosa Schytte, as well as Variations On Optics, the delicate mouth-blown glass vessels by Alexander Kirkeby

If this is what unusual or deviant designs look like, we can't wait for Ukurant's next edition.

Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant Experimental Designs from Ukurant





Product Inspiration

Make an unforgettable impression with unusual designs such as the Gorilla chair from Scarlet Splendour, the Explorer tables from BD Barcelona Design and the Traje de Luces cabinet from Dooq.

Gorilla Chair - Forest Collection - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop   Explorer Tables - BD Barcelona Design - Do Shop  Traje De Luces Cabinet - Dooq - Do Shop


For quirky and unusual lights try the Blockchain pendant lamp from Oblure, the Wink wall lamp from Houtique and the Helio table lamp from Utu.

Blockchain Pendant Lamp - Oblure - Do Shop   Wink Wall Lamp - Houtique - Do Shop   Helio Table Light - Utu - Do Shop


Make a bold design statement with accessories such as the Tornado vase from Ghidini 1961, the Casiopea wall mirror from Agrippa and Wunderkammer Shark Jaw - Bite for your Right from Diesel Living.

Tornado Vase - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop   Casiopea Wall-Mounted Mirror - Agrippa - Do Shop   Wunderkammer Shark Jaw - Bite For Your Right - Diesel Living - Do Shop

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