Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

November 29, 2016

Gems of Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

The annual graduate show of Design Academy Eindhoven is a veritable treasure trove of great design ideas, too numerous to document in full.  Here is our selection of graduates whose works should definitely not be overlooked.


Oddly Satisfying Props for Order by Hayo Gebauer

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

For all neat-freaks out there Hayo Gebauer has created the perfect product to satisfy those obsessive urges to arrange and rearrange everything: a set of mixed material trays with ribbed surfaces which can be stacked in multiple ways.  A great way to display everything from jewellery to individual cigarettes (all aligned perfectly of course).  


Sound Scene by Sanne Gelissen

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

Want to listen to your music in an open plan space without disturbing other people?  Sanne Gelissen has the answer.  Sound Scene is a highly directional speaker which concentrates sound waves and beams them to your target with laser focus.  Once you step away from the audio zone the volume quickly drops off.  Perfect for super-small parties.


Playing with Weapons by Hannah van Luttervelt

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

Cuddly as they may seem, these stuffed toy missiles and bombs by Hannah van Luttervelt are all life-sized, including the infamous "Little Boy" atomic bomb that was unleashed in Hiroshima.  Sobering to think that such small objects can wreak so much havoc. 


Woven Warmth by Alica Pola Knabe

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

According to designer Alica Pola Knabe the bathroom should be warm and intimate, so why are they full of cold, hard surfaces?  This inspired her to develop Woven Warmth, a bathroom radiator half encased in a woven felt lattice sleeve which adds a bit of much needed colour, texture and warmth to the smallest room.


Marble Earth by Bart Joachim van Uden

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

The popularity of chipboard furniture with artificial wood veneers is largely down to their low cost, which is also why they never quite shook off this image of naffness. Bart Joachim van Uden has given this much maligned material a makeover by covering them with photographic images from Google Earth chosen to look like marble and other natural stone, which looks absolutely delightful.


Lumps of Clay by Thomas Nathan

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

Thomas Nathan is a ceramicist who emphasises the link between the maker and the object by focusing on the smallest unit of production - tiny lumps of clay stamped with the designer's fingerprints.  These are then used to build up objects such as bowls and cups, all of which bear the indelible imprints of their maker. 


Miro by Edite Jakubovska

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduate Show Roundup

As the growth of cities continues unabated, nature and greenery is becoming ever more precious. Edite Jakubovska created Miro, a wall-mounted shelf surrounded by seven adjustable mirrors, to showcase the beauty of plants.  The mirrors provide multiple views of the subject, offering your plant (or any other precious object) exposure fit for a star.

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