Design Academy Eindhoven 2019 Highlights - Concepts

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Just like art, great design is sometimes more about the concepts behind them than the actual objects themselves. The Design Academy Eindhoven graduate show is a reliable breeding ground for thought provoking conceptual designs. Prepare to blow your mind with our selection.



There was a time when people believed that photography portrayed truth. All that changed with digital photography, Photoshop and photo sharing platforms. As  Instagram-addicts (should) know, the enviable lifestyles that flash across your screen are often far removed from reality, as truth takes a back seat to people's need for constant approval and adulation. A good example is the millions of picture-perfect poses in front of popular tourist landmarks which flood your Instagram feed, the subject of designer Marijn Bril's project. She has created a series of postcards of tourist hotspots such as the Eiffel tower and the Kuang Si Falls superimposed with images of other people taking selfies in front of the same spots. The resulting images may not look pretty, but they certainly capture the reality of these locations amusingly well.

Go bold with pixels inspired by digital images with the Dreams cabinet from BD Barcelona Design.

Dreams Cabinet - BD Barcelona Design - Do Shop

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Some people bemoan that too much of our lives are lived in the virtual world (just ask any parent of Fortnite-addicted kids), although we probably wish some aspects of real life could be shoved off to the digital realm. Like graffiti. Designer Jonathan Levain's brilliant idea is to build an augmented reality app which enables you to spray virtual graffitis in public spaces with your mobile phones. Other people can see your masterpieces using the same app with their own mobile phones, through which they can even leave their tags and comments. A great way to modernise this rebellious form of self-expression, with no scrubbing required.

Create your own graffiti effect at home with the Spontaneous Blue wallpaper from Mind The Gap.

Spontaneus Blue Collectables Wallpaper - Mind The Gap - Do Shop

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The rise of freelancers has seen hordes of digital nomads struggling to convert public environments from cafes to co-working spaces into temporary private offices. Anna Zimmermann has created a range of tools designed to ease their plight. These include mini desktop barriers to mark out your territory, a silk scarf with "RESERVED" emblazoned on it for you to drape over that comfortable chair which keeps disappearing and a fake shirt for those pesky video calls which require you to look at least half respectable. Humour aside, New Office does highlight some of the hardships faced by freelancers and offers them some much needed dignity and respect.

Add a touch of humour to your office desk with the Omini pen and card tray from Ghidini 1961.

Omini Pen and Card Tray - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop

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The fear of missing out, according to designer Pauline Kolton, is a result of our consumerist society, in which we feel we always need more. Might this explain why we tend to over-pack when we travel? She highlights this issue with a collection of garments incorporating bags in various sizes to suit travellers of different dispositions. The confident traveller's tunic has a few small bags, just enough for the bare essentials. The nervous traveller's coat has numerous voluminous bags to facilitate overpacking. The pragmatic traveller has a modular jacket which can be customised with detachable bags to suit the needs of different trips. Designed for the wearer to visualise and feel the weight of consumerism, the Traveller could turn out to be a pretty nifty way to evade strict cabin luggage rules too.

The philosophy behind The Traveller is very much applicable to storage at home. Make sure you cover all your storage needs with a customisable shelves such as the Assemblage from Seletti.

Assemblage Bookshelf - 8 Modules - Seletti - Do Shop

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Insects perform a vital role in sustaining our food chain by tirelessly pollinating flowers. But did you know that 75% of pollinating insects have become extinct in the last 25 years? To draw attention to the insects' plight and to raise our awareness of their pivotal role, designer Ance Janevica has created a set of "equipment" which enables us to experience the life of a pollinating insect. The set includes special garments (complete with UV goggles) and a range of brush-like finger extensions, ready to be deployed to transfer pollen from flower to flower, just as your friendly neighbourhood bee would. 

Do your bit to spread flowers and pollen around with the beautiful Allpa vase from Moustache.

Allpa Vase - Moustache - Do Shop

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