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April 07, 2020

The State of Craft

Crafty Designs by UMÉ StudioInspirations can come from anywhere. For multidisciplinary designers Victor Lefebvre and Mei-Lan Tan, the richest sources of inspiration are the artisans around the world who apply age old skills to create unique objects. The designers founded UMÉ Studio as an ongoing collaboration with these artisans, combining their expertise with a contemporary design aesthetic to create a collection of products which feels utterly modern yet deeply rooted in tradition.

Concrete, for example, is a collection of 104 concrete cast bowls, their individual personalities expressed through their different shapes and colours. Erode is a hand cast soap, made with a blend of aromatic and therapeutic ingredients and shaped like the stiff peaks of a freshly whipped meringue, their tactile ridges and slopes inviting users to touch and rub. We also like the monolithic organic forms of the Henge concrete bookends, the ethereal Paper steel tables and the Sake Tampo. The latter is a set of 3 silver cups, each with a slightly different spout to reflect the use of specific vessels for specific ritual and religious functions in Indonesia, where they were hand-crafted.

This evocative and thought provoking collection is a beautiful showcase of craftsmanship today, which, from what we can see, looks to be in a wonderful state. 

Crafty Designs by UMÉ StudioCrafty Designs by UMÉ StudioCrafty Designs by UMÉ StudioCrafty Designs by UMÉ StudioCrafty Designs by UMÉ StudioCrafty Designs by UMÉ StudioCrafty Designs by UMÉ StudioCrafty Designs by UMÉ StudioCrafty Designs by UMÉ Studio



UMÉ Studio


Product Inspiration

Craftsmanship is the starting point of many great designs, such as the My Beautiful Backside sofa from Moroso, the Memories rug from Golran and the Vanilla Noir The General Study Table from Scarlet Splendour.

My Beautiful Backside Sofa - Moroso - Do Shop   Memories Rug - Topkaj Gold - Golran - Do Shop  Vanilla Noir The General Study Table - Scarlet Splendour - Do Shop

Enjoy the delicate craftsmanship of the Air table light from LZF, the Inside pendant light from Oblure and the Frame floor light from Utu.

Air Table Light - LZF - Do Shop   Inside Pendant Lamp - Oblure - Do Shop   Frame Floor Light - Utu - Do Shop

Add a distinctive touch with hand crafted accessories such as the Souk mirror from Dooq, the Tornado vase from Ghidini 1961 and the Duck Pot from 101 Copenhagen.

Souk Red Mirror - Dooq - Do Shop   Tornado Vase - Ghidini 1961 - Do Shop   Duck Pot - 101 Copenhagen - Do Shop

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