Hublot Limited Edition Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez

Kinetic Time

Now that mobile phones have become virtually ubiquitous, watches are increasingly seen more as decorative accessories than functional time-telling devices.  Luxury watchmaker Hublot has just launched a watch which will surely wrest eye-contact share back from the mobile phone.

The Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez timepiece was designed in honour of Carlos Cruz-Diez, the leading Franco-Venezuelan artist best known for his exploration of colours through kinetic-optic art.  Cruz-Diez adapted one of his works (Chromointerférence, 1964) for this project by printing colour stripes onto the dial.  Superimposed on the dial is a black slatted screen which moves once a minute, thereby creating a different colour pattern for every minute of a 12 hour cycle.  The end result is mesmerisingly beautiful, making watching time passing by a real pleasure.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez is available in 3 versions: the ceramic version is limited to 50 pieces and retails for USD 17,100, the king gold version is limited to 40 pieces and retails for USD 22,900, whilst the special tourbillon version is limited to 10 pieces only and retails for USD 210,000. 


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