Paradiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesign

August 06, 2019

Miami, Ibiza Style

Paradiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesign

First time visitors to the Paradiso Hotel in Ibiza would be forgiven for thinking they had flown to Florida by mistake, as the design of this boutique hotel is very much inspired by the Art Deco glamour of Miami.

Created by Madrid-based architects IlmioDesign, the decor of the hotel is decidedly catchy, like a good pop tune from the 1980s. The swathes of candy pastels and neon lights are nods to Miami's iconic South Beach, whilst the tree trunk side tables (sourced from Bali) dotted around the space add a refreshing naturalistic touch. The floors are covered in acres of ice cream shade tiles which, together with the sleek furniture (featuring plenty of chairs with metal rods), create an irresistible beachy vibe.

We are particularly intrigued by the "Zero Suite", a glass-encased room in the middle of the lobby where you can sleep for one night for free, as long as you are prepared to let passers-by gawp at your bedtime routines. Not for shrinking violets, clearly, but then again this super upbeat hotel is probably aimed at those who would prioritise a well crafted instagram selfie over a cosy bedtime cocoa. How very lit.

Paradiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesignParadiso Hotel Ibiza by IlmioDesign



Paradiso Hotel Ibiza


Product Inspiration

Create your own insta-friendly beachy paradise with cool, vibrant furniture such as the Rider chair from Missana, the Ottoman settee from Moroso and the Bowl side table from Mater.

Rider Chair - Missana - Do  Ottoman Settee - Moroso - Do   Bowl Table - Natural - Mater - Do


We love the wave-like Link suspension light from LZF, whist the Art-Deco style Carousel light from Utu would look pretty cool in this beach inspired space too. For a bright, vibrant pop of colour try the Beaming Bobber suspension light from Frederik Roije.

Link Small Suspension Light - LZF - Do   Carousel I - Suspension Light - Utu - Do   Beaming Bobber Round Suspension Light - Frederik Roije - Do


Poufs are an easy and effective way to brighten up a room. Try the Hoot stool from Hoot, the Nest pouf from Missana and the Folk stool from Mambo.

Hoot Stool - Hoot - Do   Nest Pouf - Missana - Do   Folk Stool - Mambo - Do

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