Ideal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom Design

February 26, 2020

Industrial Recycling

Ideal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignHow should you design an office for an industrial gas company? When faced with this unusual brief, the Taiwanese architects and interior designers at Waterfrom Design took their inspirations from the industrial equipment which powers their client's business.

This idiosyncratic open plan office is filled with desks custom-made with industrial gas bottles, canisters and tanks. Cut to shape and painted in a rich orange colour (inspired by buttons in laboratory equipment panels), these have been imaginatively upcycled into table legs and shelf supports. The desk tops are all in glass, transparent like the gasses which the client work with and all the better for appreciating the bold shapes of the industrial features.

The wooden floor boards are stained in grass green which, together with the potted plants dotted around the office, provide a welcome contrast to the orange industrial fixtures. The pièce de résistance has to be the main meeting room, where an enormous glass top sits atop a collection of industrial cylinders in a highly sculptural composition which would not look out of place in a modern art gallery.

The overall effect is sleek and sophisticated, cleverly on-brand and rather fun. What more could a client ask for?

Ideal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignIdeal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignIdeal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignIdeal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignIdeal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignIdeal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignIdeal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignIdeal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom DesignIdeal Gas Lab Office by Waterfrom Design



Waterfrom Design



Product Inspiration

Max out on industrial style inspirations with the Assembly armchair from Diesel Living, the Net table from Moroso and the Cabinet of Curiosity from Stellar Works

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For industrial style lighting go for the Bolt desk light from Tonone, the Eiffel wall light from Frama and the Hirst pendant light from Dare.

Bolt Desk Light 2 Arms Small - Tonone - Do Shop   Eiffel Wall Light - Frama - Do Shop   Hirst Pendant Light - Dare - Do Shop

Add some fun with industrial themed accessories such as the Smokestack fireplace from Frederik Roije, the Concrete Pipeline stem vase from Lyon Beton or the Spoiled Copper Metallic wallpaper from NLXL.

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