January 21, 2016

Puni Italian Malt Whisky

Scottish Water of Life, Italian Style

We are not great drinkers here at Do but this award-winning whisky from Italy, the first ever from the land of great design, has proven to be irresistible.

Yes you heard that right!  Puni may not sound very Scottish, but the distillery is based in the Vinschgau valley, a long established rye growing region in the midst of the Italian Alps.  The Ebensperger family has long been passionate about whisky and founded the distillery here in 2010, naming it after the local river which runs through the valley.  The pot stills are handcrafted in Scotland and are housed in a modern, minimalist building with cladding which reflects the local building style.  Production started in 2012 and the first Puni Italian malt whisky was bottled and released in 2015, winning multiple awards since.

We admire the passion and dedication behind the product and love the modern, sculptural bottle which houses the honey-hued liqueur.  Whilst we can't vouch for the taste of the product yet, there's only one way to find out!  Puni Italian malt whisky is available to buy on the Puni website and at the visitor centre at the distillery.  Saluti!



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