Autumn Winter 2016 Women's Ready to Wear Collections

March 04, 2016

Around the World in Four Collections

Autumn Winter 2016 Women's Ready to Wear Collections

As the Autumn Winter 2016 women's collections draw to a close, we look back on the whirlwind tour that took fashionistas from New York to Paris via London and Milan.  The prevailing mood seems to be the lack of a prevailing mood, which can either be interpreted as failure of the designers to capture the zeitgeist (the refugee crisis, Brexit, Donald Trump?) or a triumph of creativity, shows of supreme confidence in the designers' own individual creative genius.  We're inclined to side with the latter.  Here's our selection of the standout collections showcasing the sizzling creativity from the fashion capitals.


New York - Marc Jacobs' Women in Black

Autumn Winter 2016 Women's Ready to Wear Collections

If the devil is in the detail and black is the colour of the devil then Marc Jacobs has clearly nailed the look.  In a collection that is daringly monochrome, opulent details from fur trims to beadings were thrown into sharp relief, set off graphically against exaggerated shapes and proportions. 


Milan - March of the New Generation with Gucci

Autumn Winter 2016 Women's Ready to Wear Collections

In Milan, change is in the air.  With the arrival of a slew of new designers (notably Alessandro Michele at Gucci) came a sense of new found confidence, mainly the confidence to raid your grandmother's wardrobe and mix it up with whatever you find, as long as you add a touch of glamour and maybe also a pinch of irony.


London - JW Anderson's Interior Inspirations

Autumn Winter 2016 Women's Ready to Wear Collections

JW Anderson is famously obsessed with interior design.  If his Autumn Winter 2016 collection is anything to go by, his home must be an eclectic hotbed of influences, a style magpie extraordinaire.  There are playful experiments with ruffles and hems as well as clashing colours and textures which reflect influences from the swinging 60s to the yuppified 80s.  Whilst this melange may activate alarm bells with lesser design talent, in Anderson's confident hands the collection is a burst of exuberance, full of joy and beauty.  


Paris - Heroines Wear Chloe

Autumn Winter 2016 Women's Ready to Wear Collections

Mention Chloe and you are likely to have an image of delicate femininity.  For Autumn Winter 2016, designer Clare Waight Keller shows a glimpse of the iron fist inside the velvet glove with a collection which combines toughness with femininity.  With leather biker suits contrasting sharply with flowing capes and billowing lace, this is a collection designed for the romantic woman with adventure at heart.



Shop the Style

  Sculptural Style

Product Inspirations

Marc Jacob's collection shows how effectively a monochrome backdrop can highlight  details.  The ABC Bookcase from Saporiti and the Longlegs shelves from Frederik Roije will both showcase your precious ornaments beautifully.

ABC Bookcase from Saporiti      Longlegs from Frederik Roije

Dare to be eclectic, mix and match with confidence and build you own look.  Just make sure you choose a few quirky pieces such as the Rememberme table from Casamania and the Bold chair from Moustache.

Rememberme Table from Casamania       Bold Chair from Moustache

JW Anderson's designs are full of sculptural and quirky details.  Do the same to your interior space with the Bauchair from Seletti and the Cauliflower Container from Sena Gu.

Bauchair from Seletti      Cauliflower Container from Sena Gu

Combine strength with natural beauty with the Anfora suspension light from LZF and the Saski chair from Alki.  

 Anfora Suspension Light from LZF      Saski Chair from Alki

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