Ways of Altering by Thomas Ballouhey

November 28, 2016

Mass Alteration

Ways of Altering by Thomas Ballouhey

Recycling and upcycling may be all the rage, but these products often end up looking haphazard and artisanal.  Not so with young designer Thomas Ballouhey, who mastered a clever production technique which breathes new life into seemingly random objects.

The designer has devised a unique process using a customised sandblaster to spray a mixture of glue and sand onto compositions made from manufacturing leftovers and other scrap materials.  This homogeneous coating not only makes the objects look unified instead of disjointed but also creates a distinctly industrial finish, imparting a beautiful sculptural quality to disused objects.

Thomas Ballouhey is a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven and Ways of Altering is part of his graduation project.

Ways of Altering by Thomas BallouheyWays of Altering by Thomas BallouheyWays of Altering by Thomas Ballouhey


Thomas Ballouhey

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Product Inspiration

Furniture with an industrial touch looks great in contemporary design schemes.  The Chubby Chic armchair from Diesel Living features a belt which looks almost as if it had been upcycled.  We also like the Bordbar airplane trolley and the Rememberme table from Casamania.  The latter is made of recycled jeans and clothing. 

Chubby Chic Armchair  Bordbar Airplane Trolley - City   Rememberme Café Table

Concrete is the material of choice for industrial style interiors and it works surprisingly well in lighting.  Try the Material pendant from New Works, the Concrete Floor Lamp from Lyon Beton and the JWDA concrete table lamp from Menu.

Material Pendant - Concrete   Concrete Floor Lamp   JWDA Concrete Lamp

The Pipework candlesticks from Nick Fraser are made from metal pipes and look absolutely wonderful.  We also like the Hang On wall hanger from Normann Copenhagen, which is based on coat hangers.  Or what about the Smokestack fireplace from Frederik Roije for something distinctly industrial?

Pipework Candlestick - Small   Hang On Wall Hanger   Smokestack Fireplace

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