Mickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects

May 19, 2017

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Mickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects

Designers of modern loft style apartments often look for that elusive wow factor, but few apartments can boast as many wow-inducing features as this spectacular apartment designed by Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno.

This substantial duplex apartment has all the hallmarks of industrial style design, from concrete walls and ceilings to sleek wooden floorboards and wall panelling.  The surprises start in the L-shaped living and dining space with its outsized stone textured wall tiles, which injects an unexpectedly rustic vibe.  The kitchen is equally peculiar, its island unit made up of four monolithic units in concrete grey.  But none of this can compete against the master bedroom, which has a luxurious marble-tiled bathroom behind a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, goldfish bowl style.  This may not a space for the faint-hearted but for those who are keen to impress, what an amazing apartment.

Mickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno ArchitectsMickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno ArchitectsMickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno ArchitectsMickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno ArchitectsMickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno ArchitectsMickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno ArchitectsMickey Apartment by Sergey Makhno Architects


Sergey Makhno Architects

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Product Inspiration

Replicate the Mickey apartment style with furniture that is sleek yet comfortable, with a quirky edge.  Try the Block sofa from Missana, the Altay pedestal table from Coedition and the Concrete Monobloc TV bench from Lyon Beton.

Block 3 Seater Sofa   Altay Pedestal Table   Concrete Monobloc TV Bench With Metal Legs


Use large pendant lights, such as the Domo from LZF, to create a strong visual focus, especially over the dining table.  Slim and slick suspension lights such as the Skylight Tower from Frederik Roije work a treat over bedside tables.  For a table light with high-tech industrial appeal go for the Teka OLED table light from Blackbody.

Domo Suspension Light Skylight Tower Three   Teka - Table OLED Light (BB 057)


For accessories combine the sleek and the quirky, such as the Nowhere (Bullet) vase from Ghidini 1961, the Transmission candle holder from Diesel Living and the Life in Progress clock from Lyon Beton.

Nowhere (Bullet) Vase  Transmission Candle Holder - Large   Clock - Life in Progress

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