A'tolan House by Create + Think Studio

June 20, 2016

Rocky Seaview Show

A'tolan House by Create + Think Studio

Perched on a rocky outcrop on the eastern coast of Taiwan overlooking the Pacific Ocean is a low slung villa which combines a strong masculine design with naturalistic touches which fits in with the landscape perfectly.

Designed by Taipei-based architects Create + Think Studio, the three-level building is carved into the rocks, leaving a sleek and discrete presence in the landscape.  The metal structure of the exterior projects a robust, almost industrial character, complemented by extensive floor-to-ceiling windows which frame the ocean views beautifully.  Walls made from local boulders provide a visual link to the landscape as well as a nod to traditional construction methods.

The dark wood floors, neutral colour palette and low furniture inside the house makes it feel cosy and minimises distraction from the stunning ocean views.  An extensive outdoor entertainment area complete with an inviting infinity pool adds to the appeal of the house, which looks just as suitable for quiet contemplation as for wild parties.

Via Archdaily.

A'tolan House by Create + Think StudioA'tolan House by Create + Think StudioA'tolan House by Create + Think Studio


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Sleek wood furniture and neutral colours go really well with industrial style spaces.  Use the Koila lounge chair from Alki as a compact sofa, team it with the Longlegs shelving system from Frederik Roije and a Golran Lake rug in grey to create a stylish and understated design scheme.


Use low key, subtle floor and table lights such as the concrete floor light from Lyon Beton, the JWDA concrete light from Menu and the Mr Ed table light from Functionals to create an atmospheric warm glow.


Create your own "textured" wall surfaces using wallpaper from NLXL, which have no repeats within the roll which makes it great for creating unique designs.  We particularly like the gold marble, silver bricks and plywood effects.


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