The Barn by Paul Uhlmann Architects

March 03, 2020

Barnstorming Retreat

The Barn by Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsAsk any small child to draw a house and the chances are that you will get a doodle of a rectangular block topped with a pointy gable roof. Which is exactly what this barn-inspired house looks like, with the exception of a rather cute rounded gable roof, which gives it a sleek contemporary feel as well as adding a touch of child-like wonder.

Designed by Gold Coast based Paul Uhlmann Architects, this country escape embraces rural life to the fullest, from its idyllic setting amongst woods and lawns to its iconic barn shape and the use of Australian hardwood as cladding both inside and outside. One end of the barn houses a double-height kitchen / dining / living room of cathedral proportions, the fully-glazed end wall flooding the vast space with light. A sliding wall the length of virtually the entire living room opens up to create a seamless indoor-outdoor entertainment area. There is a master suite and two large bedrooms upstairs as well as a cleverly designed bunk room which houses four double and four single beds. Afterall, when you have such an amazing retreat from which to enjoy nature, why keep it to yourself?  

The Barn by Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsThe Barn by Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsThe Barn by Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsThe Barn by Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsThe Barn by Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsThe Barn by Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsThe Barn by Paul Uhlmann ArchitectsThe Barn by Paul Uhlmann Architects



Paul Uhlmann Architects



Product Inspiration

Create a contemporary natural look with the Fan Table from Desalto, the Exchange Dining Chair from Stellar Works and the Altay Armchair from Coedition.

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Natural and industrial style lighting would look equally at home in a barn-style space. Try the Bolt Chandelier from Tonone, the Blacknote Triplet Floor Light from LZF and the Dome Table Lamp from Mater.

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Create your own woodland idyll with the Dish of Desire bird table from Frederik Roije, the Butterfly coat stand from Ghidini 1961 and the Scrapwood wallpaper from NLXL.

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